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Australia is our home country. Sitting at the bottom of the planet it is one of many people’s bucket list dreams. When travelling we meet many people who have visited or would like to visit, they are always surprised at how long it takes to get to Australia, and how vast the continent. It’s a 24-hour flight from the United Kingdom to Australia.

We have lived amid the cane fields and beaches of the Great Barrier Reef in our hometown of Bundaberg. Watched the sun rise over a rusty orange landscape in the outback just outside of Darwin. Looked on in wonder as the Sydney Harbour Bridge came into view as we sailed into the harbour on the Manly Ferry.

We have delved into our convict past at Port Arthur in Tasmania. Sipped wine in the wineries of the Barossa Valley when visiting Adelaide. Explored life underground at Coober Pedy. Taken the 5-hour flight across the country to Perth and marvelled at the stunning beauty of the city, the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the wide-open expanses that surround the city of Perth. It’s no wonder Australia is a dream destination for many.

We have visited many cities across throughout Australia and experienced the diversity of this ruggedly beautiful land. In our blog we hope to inspire you with helpful advice to help you get the most out of your travels throughout Australia.

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