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A little about us

Frequent Traveller is a travel resource/blog written by Rosalind and Alan Cuthbertson and is based on over 40 years of travel experience.

Our blog sets out to explore and experience the attractions, culture, food and unique local wonders of each individual travel destination.

Frequent Traveller’s target audience is aimed at the 45+ traveller who wants to enjoy a range of travel styles while getting the most out of each location without sacrificing comfort.

Frequent Traveller interacts with both men and women however we have found significant engagement from women who use our site to plan and book travel for family and friends.

Our blog has been established since 2015 and was a runner up in the Travel Blog Awards 2017, 2018 & 2019.Awards

Alan and Ros are full time travellers who often based themselves in the Asia. In 2020 we returned to our home country of Australia, and we are presently touring Australia until we are able to resume further worldwide travel.

We write on a range of subjects including worldwide travel and cruise destinations, accommodation options, short breaks and weekend getaways, attractions and culture, local food and gastronomy, local art and regional history.

In 2018 we were selected to present at the first ever International Living Conference in Brisbane.

Ros and Alan ILA Brisbane

We are always open to suggestions on how we might work together.

Our Social Media Channels

Press and PR coverage

We ensure that we will produce the best quality content for any travel company we work with. By publishing on our blog and through our social media outlets you can be assured we will provide you with consistently professional coverage. We will create travel content designed to inspire and motivate our audience with all the travel information they need to plan their next travel adventure.

We have worked with individual travel companies, destination and accommodation providers to sponsor portions of our trips. Due to current commitments we prefer to plan well ahead, however, if given enough time we are sometimes able to make travel adjustments depending on our current location.

Services we offer

Location articles including accommodation reviews, sightseeing highlights, food and restaurants, local activities and reviews of travel resources and products.

Hotel and Resort articles focussing on hotel rooms, facilities, restaurants, bars and associated services.

Cruise articles focussing on cruise destinations, shore excursions, food and beverage, entertainment, ships facilities, service and over all cruise experience.

Restaurant articles centring around regional cuisine and local restaurant visits and reviews.

Articles highlighting the local attractions of a city or region, places to visit and unusual and enjoyable things to see and do at the destination.

Social Media coverage will begin before, during and after our stay via updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Our articles will normally include a visitor information section with resource links to your destination or travel website. Please note all links will need to comply with Search Engine Guidelines and best practice.

We are happy to provide original content of a destination or experience that can displayed on the sponsoring organisations blog or website.

Following our press trip or sponsored stay we can provide follow up statistical reports on the performance of the content created, these are usually produced 3-6 months later to determine long term traffic.

We are always happy to assist with ideas for a proposal that may be specific to the needs of your company or destination. If you have any enquires on how to work with us, please contact us.

Accommodation Reviews

We are happy to hear from accommodation providers who can offer a complimentary stay in return for an article about their property. We have reviewed many different styles of accommodation, from luxury high-end establishments, resorts and spas, boutique and airport hotels to apartments and vacation accommodation.

We will write an article highlighting our stay, the room, hotel facilities, restaurants and bars and services. Hotels proximity to attractions and sightseeing will also be included as a way of promoting your hotel. We may include the hotel in other relevant articles promoting the location and provide social media exposure.

Examples of previous accommodation reviews.

137 Pillars House Chiang Mai Thailand

137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok Thailand

Ping Nakara Boutique Hotel & Spa

Grand Hotel Siagon

Tresor d’Angkor Suite

Please contact us to discuss accommodation article options.

Product Reviews and Giveaways

We are always happy to review travel related products that may be of interest to our audience. To provide an unbiased review we will need a sample of the product to be reviewed. If a second sample can be provided it may have the added benefit of maximising exposure as a completion giveaway.

Advertising and Promotional Posts

Frequent Traveller are happy to accept promotional posts, guest posts from other bloggers and advertising on our website.

Guest Post information

Promotional Post Information

To discuss any other form of promotion feel free to reach out to us here.

We look forward to hearing from you – Alan & Rosalind Cuthbertson

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