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Ros and Alan Cuthbertson

Hi, we are Ros and Alan! In 2015 a series of life lessons taught us that time waits for no one, so we decided to change our life to one of full-time travel.

Since then, we have visited 52 countries, lived in exotic locations, written for leading travel magazines, spoken at conferences about our lifestyle and have become one of Australia’s most respected travel blogs.

Our mission is to help you become a confident world traveller by sharing our extensive range of travel destination guides, travel tips and informative attraction, hotel and product reviews.

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Our aim is to inspire travellers of all ages. With a range of travel styles to destinations across AsiaEurope, the Middle EastNorth AmericaOceaniaSouth America and the United Kingdom, we are here to help you get the most out of travel.

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Frequent Traveller will equip you with an informative range of travel tips, advice, and tools to help you get the most out of your chosen location. Whether you are looking for the best accommodation, buying guides or an introduction to a new destination, come along with us and share the journey with Frequent Traveller.

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Our dedicated Facebook groups for Queensland Australia, Hoi An in Vietnam and Chiang Mai in Thailand have a wealth of information for anyone visiting these destinations. The groups are updated regularly by members with discussions, helpful tips, and the latest travel information. New members are always welcome. Click on the boxes below to join we would love to have you in our Facebook groups. 

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