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We are Alan and Rosalind, founders and owners of the popular travel resource and blog Frequent Traveller.

At Frequent Traveller, we create original, informative and entertaining content that caters primarily to an audience aged 45 and over. The 45 and over demographic is often overlooked by travel writers but is an important market as they come with the freedom, money and time to travel.

We started in January 2015 as a travel resource and blog for older travellers who want to travel smart without sacrificing comfort. With over 40 years of world travel and Expat experience between us, we felt the need to share these travel experiences with fellow travellers of a similar age.

We spend a great deal of time and care when crafting our blog posts. Each subject is extensively researched for a quality article prior to publication. Alan is highly skilled at SEO and our articles regularly rank high on search results.

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Let’s Work Together…

Work with us. Alan and Rosalind Cuthbertson co-founders of Frequent Traveller

Audience profile and demographics

Our typical reader is Female 61% Male 38% with most of our audience from Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Canada. We offer practical advice to these readers to assist with planning their next trip.

Our readership target audience have high disposable incomes. Continual marketing campaigns ensure that are articles will continue to influence for many years to come and are on our site forever.

Work with us for your marketing requirements

We have in excess of 25,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TripAdvisor and LinkedIn. Our weekly newsletter has an average open rate of 41% 

Press trips and reviews:

Through our ever-increasing readership, we offer honest reviews on accommodation, travel destination activities, restaurants, and tours.

Should you Invite us to experience an activity, we will create and share our experiences through words, photos and videos on our website frequenttraveller.com.au and via our extensive social media channels.

Send us a message and we will get back to you to promptly to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement. Please note that we always give our honest opinion and will disclose that the experience has been sponsored to maintain a trustworthy relationship with our readers.

Read more on our Press & PR page.

Travel product reviews:

All travellers need travel gear. Whether it’s physical or online.

If you have a product that you would like promoted that will make life easier while travelling, then let us try it out and we can write a full review for our website and promote it through our social media channels. Check here for an example of a product review.

Your product can reach a whole new highly targeted audience with increased brand awareness, thereby increasing your customer base by reaching thousands of new customers through related blog posts and social media updates.

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Promotional posts:

Let us promote your travel related brand. We can write an article for our website mentioning your brand or destination and share it across our social media outlets.

Benefits include increased awareness of your brand.

Increased search engine rankings for your brand or destination.

Links to your brand or destination to increase search engine rankings. This happens even with sponsored links.


Let us promote your travel related product or destination via advertising on our website. You can advertise from within an article (disclosed as advertisement) or via a sidebar banner, footer or home page.

Advertising through our site will expose your product to thousands of potential customers and generate click through traffic to your site.

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Why you should work with Frequent Traveller

Of the many travel blogs on the Internet why should you choose to work with us? To put it simply it’s because we have the experience, dedication and skills to take your destination or product and take it to the next level by presenting it from a perspective of seasoned travellers.

We have travelled extensively throughout the world for over 40 years. We started travelling together when our children were growing so have experience with travelling with children and the unique challenges that stage of life brings, and now as older travellers unbound by the constraints of family life have decided to make travel and travel writing our full-time lifestyle.

Our travel stories and lifestyle has been featured in online and print publications and we continue to build strong relationships around the world.

Public speaking engagements

Alan and Ros International Living Conference Australia

Following our many years of travel and lifestyle experience, we were selected to present at the first ever International Living “Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas” Conference in Australia 2018 where we gave in depth advice and presentation on roving retirement.

We are available to present at your Conference / Trade Show on all aspects of travel and leisure destinations around the world. We offer firsthand experience which resonates with all age groups on how to get the best value when travelling and tailored travel planning.

Press trips

We are available for press trips and were invited as Ambassadors by Northern Lanna Long Stay, to take part in a northern Thailand tour, which took a group of international Expats from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Canada, and Taiwan, to Lamphun and Chiang Mai and Pai to Mae Hong Son, to experience and promote what this beautiful country has to offer tourists.

If you invite us to your destination, we will write quality reviews with photographs and share our experiences both on our blog and across our social media outlets. We also write articles for other online publications and can reference our experiences on these outlets.

Examples of press trip reviews

PS Murray Princess Cruise Review

Swan Valley Gourmet Wine Cruise

Best Czech Republic Spa Resorts

Spa Towns of the Czech Republic

Montana – Billings Day Tours

New York Itinerary

Who we have worked with

Who we have worked with

What others have said

Dear Ros and Alan,

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you for both of our hotels at 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts Thailand.  Your quick turnaround and in depth review articles and videos were very professional done and very well received.”

“I am so glad that you have experienced our luxury boutique hotels and hope to work with you again in the near future”

Lee Sutton
137 Pillars Hotels Chiang Mai Thailand

“It was a pleasure to work with Alan & Ros. Their dedication to their audience in providing high-quality, informative and timely work is evident in their approach. We were extremely happy with the content produced and would not hesitate to work with them again.”

Sophie Foster
Captain Cook Cruises
Marketing Executive – Western Australia 

Portfolio of externally published articles

Living in Chiang Mai Thailand (+ What to do in Chiang Mai for Tourists)

How We Made Our Overseas Dream Come True

Historic Castles and the Loch Ness Legend

5 Reasons Why Chiang Mai is My Top Choice in Thailand

Splashing out in Paris Thanks to a Money-Saving Secret

A Road Trip Through Northern Thailand

A Home in Thailand

Counting the Cost at Home and Away

Handy Apps for Easy Travel

What I Love Most About My Home in Thailand Are the Differences

Ancient Temples, Night Markets and Buddhist Blessings

Contact us

If you would like to work with us we can be contacted via our contact form. Please note that we are not in a position to share your campaign with our readers without some form of compensation. You will find that we are a very friendly couple and would love to talk to you!

As we are continually on the road, we find that email works best and will always endeavour to respond quickly. We are also available for a Skype call at a pre-determined time.

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