Best Czech Republic Spa Resorts

Today life is lived at a hectic pace, the difference between leisure and work time is often blurred and this ultimately impacts on all aspects of everyday life. Our energy levels, sleeping habits, diet and wellbeing can be affected by the amount of stress we put on our body.

Taking a break at one of the Czech Republic spa resorts, is the perfect way to restore that feeling of wellness while discovering the beauty of the Czech Spa Triangle of Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne.

Czech Republic Spa Resorts

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Day Tours to Marianske Lazne

Direct trains to Marianske Lazne leave from Prague main station (Hlavni Nadrazi) and have a journey time of around 2.5 hours.

If a tour is more your style, there are a range of day tours from Prague that will help you get the most out of the beautiful spa towns of both Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary.

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Marianske Lazne (Marienbad)

Marianske Lazne or Marienbad as it is known in German, is in the Karlovy Vary region of the Czech Republic.

Marienbad has been a popular spa town since it was first recognised as a public spa in 1818. Since then, Marienbad has played host to the rich, famous and has been the playground of royalty.

Famous visitors include King Edward VII of England, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, Mark Twain and Thomas Edison.

To accommodate these illustrious visitors, luxurious Marienbad spa hotels were built and today add to the charm of this beautiful town.

Though still often referred to as Marienbad, the town is now known by its Czech name Marianske Lazne.

Marianske Lazne
The gorgeous architecture of Marianske Lazne

What to see in Marianske Lazne

Framed by thick forest, the graceful spa house colonnades, elegant neoclassical architecture and wide green parklands, hark back to Marianske Lazne’s heyday between 1870 and 1914, a time cut short by the first world war.

Marianske Lazne parklands
Peaceful Marianske Lazne parklands

Walking the streets, you are struck by the regal beauty of this golden age, as stylish boutiques, sidewalk cafe’s, sweet shops, restaurants and bars, welcome you in to relax and enjoy all that is Marianske Lazne.

Marianske Lazne cafes
Marianske Lazne cafe’s

The Singing Fountain

Between the 30th of April and November, you can be enthralled by the singing fountain. Every hour from 7am until 10pm, the fountain comes to life with the works of musical greats such as Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Tchaikovsky and Chopin.

The last evening performances are accompanied by a light show. With 250 waterjets and a centrepiece that can reach a height of 6 metres, it is a must see when visiting Marianske Lazne.

Singing Fountain Marianske Lazne
Singing Fountain Marianske Lazne

The Colonnade

The Colonnade is something to be seen, this stunning structure is heavily decorated with glass and swirling cast-iron arches that transport you back to days gone by.

With outstanding acoustics, the colonnade is a popular venue for visiting bands and orchestras. Walking the colonnade to the sound of music is a joy that only adds to the atmosphere of this glorious place.

For an added surprise, look up at the ceiling mural for a touch of the modern within this old-world charm.

The Colonnade Marianske Lazne
Strolling through The Colonnade Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne Festival Events

From singing fountain to concerts among the colonnades, Marianske Lazne musical side shines through.

May is the Spa Season Opening and Marianske Lazne celebrates to the sounds of the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra. August hosts the annual Chopin Festival and why not throw in a Jazz Festival just for fun.

What to do in Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne Spa Treatments

A visit to Marianske Lazne is all about the spa treatments!

There are a wide range to choose from, including drinking the healing waters of the springs, relaxation and therapy baths, natural healing sources, medical rehabilitation, cosmetic skin rejuvenation and beauty treatments, to name just a few.

Cross Spring Pavilion Marianske Lazne
Cross Spring Pavilion Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne Mineral Springs

There are almost 100 mineral springs in and around the town of Marianske Lazne, six of these springs are used for spa treatments.

Unlike the spa town of Karlovy Vary where the springs are thermal, Marianske Lazne springs are cold and have a high iron and mineral salt content, this is evident in the flavour of the spring waters, which have a salty metallic taste.

Caroline Spring Marianske Lazne
Drinking from the Caroline Spring Marianske Lazne

Golf in Marianske Lazne

For a slice of Edwardian character, head to the oldest golf course in the Czech Republic, the Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne. This 18-hole golf course started its life as a 9-hole golf course and was opened by King Edward the VII in 1905.

With clean fresh air and picturesque pine tree lined golf course, the Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne is the perfect place to enjoy a round of golf.

After golf, celebrate at the Restaurant Morris, try the degustation and wine menu or simply enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Beauty and Wellness in Marianske Lazne

Medical Tourism in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a popular choice when it comes to Medical Tourism, the medical system has a good reputation and it is a lot cheaper than other countries in the region.

Everyone wants to look their best, it makes you feel good and boosts confidence. Here are just two of the many beauty and wellness spas in Marianske Lazne.


We were fortunate enough to visit the facilities at Asklepion in Marianske Lazne. They have a team of outstanding doctors and technicians that deliver a range of procedures, a one stop shop for all your beauty needs.

Here are just some of the treatments the clinics have on offer –

Dermatology Care – laser epilation, acne treatment, mole removal, wrinkle removal, lip enlargement, botulotoxin and fillers.

Dentistry – teeth whitening, dental implants and dental bridges.

Plastic Surgery – liposuction, breast augmentation and reduction, eyelid surgery, browlift and plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Care – acne treatment, cosmetic care of the face, body sculping procedures and rejuvenation by laser.

Asklepion Marianske Lazne
Asklepion Marianske Lazne

Marienbad Health Spa Resort

The Marienbad Health Spa Resort is a massive historical and medical spa complex which connects the Nove Lazne, Centraini Lazne, Maria Spa, Hvezda, Imperial and Neapol Hotels, making one super spa complex.

The spa’s have a range of natural medicinal treatments including organic peat and mud wraps, drinking cures, mineral spring baths and dry carbon gas baths.

Trying a Treatment at the Marienbad Health Spa Resort

We tried a dry carbon gas bath using the natural medicinal gas from the mineral springs. The carbon dioxide gas is absorbed into the skin and is said to improve blood pressure, circulation and sexual wellbeing. A popular treatment for many guests.

The treatment took place at the Maria Spa within the Marienbad Health Spa Resort. Walking down into a rectangular seating area, we were given oxygen through nasal cannula. With soothing lighting, we sat and watched as dry carbon gas floated around our bodies. After the treatment I felt relaxed and clear headed.

Marianske Lazne Hotels (Marienbad Hotels)

Marianske Lazne has an outstanding number of world class luxury hotels to choose from. Marianske Lazne Hotel packages can include accommodation, full or half board at the restaurants, doctor consultations, and a range of spa treatments depending on the length of stay.

Hotel Nove Lazne Marianske Lazne Marienbad
Hotel Nove Lazne Marianske Lazne (Marienbad)

Hotel Nove Lazne

The Royal Cabin
King Edward VII of England and the Royal Cabin in Marianske Lazne

Opened in 1896, the Hotel Nove Lazne is an elegant hotel with a rich history. You can visit the Royal Cabin, the private spa room of King Edward the VII. Relax and recharge with one of the many spa treatments. Dine buffet style in the Royal Restaurant or relax with a drink in the Lobby Bar.

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My Accommodation at the Hotel Nove Lazne

I had the pleasure of staying one night at the 5-star Hotel Nove Lazne. The hotel is in an excellent location, within walking distance to the Singing Fountain and The Colonnade.

My double room was decorated in muted shades of gold. The bed and pillows were extremely comfortable making for a great night’s sleep.

The room had a sitting area and desk, tea and coffee making facilities, a fully stocked mini bar and room safe. The bathroom was large and modern with a selection of bathroom toiletries.

Summary – Czech Republic Spa Resorts Marianske Lazne

There are many reasons to take a luxury spa break at the Czech Republic spa resorts. Whether it be for relaxation, wellness, beauty or health reasons, I promise that a visit to the beautiful spa town of Marianske Lazne is not only good for the body but good for the soul.

If you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic, make sure you leave some time to explore more of this fabulous country. The Czech “Spa Triangle” is just one of the many attractions within easy access to Prague.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Czech Tourism during my visit to the Marianske Lazne region. As always all views are my own.


Planning a trip to the Czech Republic Spa Resorts? Within easy reach of Prague the Spa town of Marianske Lazne is not only good for the body but good for the soul. #visitcz #visitczechrepublic #mariansklazne #bestsparesorts #czechsparesort
Planning a trip to the Czech Republic? Leave some time to explore more of this fabulous country. The Czech Republic Spa Resorts are a must for any visitor #visitcz #visitczechrepublic #mariansklazne #bestsparesort #czechsparesort

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