Travel Tips and Advice

At Frequent Traveller we like to travel smart without sacrificing comfort. During our years of travel, we have discovered travel tips and advice that have allowed us to travel longer while stretching our travel dollar further.

We have learnt a lot along the way and love to pass on our knowledge to help you make those travel choices easier. Our list of life lessons and tips highlights what we have learnt from our many years of world travel.

We offer travel advice on finding the Best Accommodation, how to save money for travel which includes our top tips on getting the most out of  Frequent Flyer Points and House Sitting in destinations across the world.

We have reviews on some of the best luxury and airport hotels while giving practical tips on how to pack a bag for travel. What Travel Apps have made our life simpler, and tips on how to start a travel Blog.

Travel Tips and Advice
Alan & Ros at Agra Fort

We tell the story of our expat life in Thailand, the joys of leading a location independent lifestyle and the world journey’s we have taken while using Frequent Flyer Points. For those interested in Cruising be sure to read our guide to most memorable cruise vacations for inspiration from fellow travellers on some of the best cruise lines and locations.

For Thai food lovers we have put together with the help of other bloggers, a list of some of the best places to enjoy Thai food outside of Thailand.

To see which travel products we use and recommend check our Frequent Traveller online store and our reviews of some of the best travel accessories.

We hope you enjoy our stories as much as we enjoyed writing them. Happy Travels!

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