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Frequent Traveller is happy offer a forum for guest posts. A guest post on Frequent Traveller is for bloggers who have something of interest to say about selected travel destinations and activities.

We accept guest posts from other bloggers only if the content is top quality and has good SEO. No commercial ( sponsored) links allowed.

Contributing a guest posts on Frequent Traveller showcases your travel writing talents while promoting your personal blog and website.

For businesses or commercial sites, wishing to promote travel related products and services on Frequent Traveller, please refer to our Promotional Post page.

Who are Frequent Traveller?

With years of travel experience Frequent Traveller is an authority on travel advice, destination information and a travel inspiration to our readers.

Frequent Traveller’s target audience is the 45+ traveller with high disposable income and looking for advice on things to do and see in popular travel destinations.

Our blog is primarily focussed on destination attractions, culture, cuisine, places of interest and travel tips. We also cover a range of travel resources and products that we feel may be of benefit to our readers.

Submit a guest post on Frequent Traveller and work with Alan and Ros Cuthbertson
Alan and Ros Cuthbertson owners of Frequent Traveller

What are the Benefits of Guest Posts?

We encourage guest posts that are aimed at destinations to visit, local attractions, experiences to enjoy and places to stay. For more information about the ethos of this blog, please read our About us page.

Guest posts published on Frequent Traveller may benefit the travel blogger or writer by highlighting travel stories, photography and personal travel experiences. It may also increase readership exposure and promotion of your website or Blog.

Guest Post Criteria

We will consider accepting guest posts if they provide benefit for our readers and are a close match to the guidelines below.

Please read the guidelines carefully and then contact us with your article proposal by e-mail at info(at)frequenttraveller(dot)com(dot)au

Our guidelines for Guest Posts

Ideally the writer/blogger should have an established social media presence and be willing to promote the published article.

The article should be at least 1500 words long.

Worldwide destinations are fine but please check what we have already published about a destination you’d like to write about to avoid duplication.

Personal in tone, about a place you have personally visited and demonstrating personal knowledge of the destination.

Plenty of useful detail and information about the place, not too generic in nature.

Articles must be family friendly in content and tone and ideally should also be of interest to our target audience of the 45+ year old traveller who is looking for an authentic travel experience combined with comfort and a little luxury.

Please put images names in the article where you think they would work best along with a caption explaining what it is.

Include at least 3 photographs. Ideally more and one for each attraction you write about. The photos should be high quality and landscape. They need to be 1000px on their largest edge and not watermarked. The photos must be taken by the author, or with appropriate creative commons licence for this kind of use and not subject to copyright restrictions.

The photos need to be emailed through separately not embedded in the word document article.

You should also include a portrait photo that would make a good pin in Pinterest.

If you wish you can include a short bio that we can put at the end of your guest post.

You can if you wish, provide up to 3 social media links.

All content must be original and written by you and the same content cannot be republished on your own or any other site.

If you write about experiences and hotels that were sponsored you need to add a disclaimer at the end.

You can link to relevant content on your site. Up to 3 links is fine.

You may also link your article to the official websites of attractions that you mention or to the official tourism websites of regions or countries that you are writing about but not commercial sites.

We reserve the right to add our own affiliate and internal links to the content.

We will promote your article on social media platforms and expect that you will also promote the published article on your social media platforms.

Please subscribe to the comments on the published article and reply to any comments.

We reserve the right to edit any links and make them no-follow where appropriate. We also reserve the right to make any links no-follow if we feel it’s appropriate to comply with Google guidelines.

What to do next

If you’d like to submit a Guest Post, contact us with a short proposal outlining the guest post including the URL of your Website.

Requests that do not include the URL of your site will not be considered.

Please be aware that we do not generally answer generic requests for guest posts that are not personally addressed to us or those that do not demonstrate you have read these guidelines.

Do not send us an unsolicited article but rather send an e-mail proposing the title and short outline of the article that you would like to submit for consideration.

Please note: We do not sell links on this site and all emails about this will be ignored or marked as spam. 

We receive many requests a day and do not have time to respond to all of them. If you do not get a response, assume we cannot work with you at this time.

Contact us about your guest post.

Alan & Ros Cuthbertson

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