Bundaberg Beaches – A Perfect Holiday Destination

Located a short distance from Bundaberg are the beautiful Bundaberg Beaches. These beaches are some of the best in regional Queensland. With crystal clear water and safe family friendly swimming, it’s no wonder visitors come from Australia wide to holiday at the beaches of Bundaberg.

The main Bundaberg beaches are:

  • Bargara Beach
  • Kelly’s Beach
  • Innes Park Beach
  • More Park Beach
  • Riverview
  • Mon Repos Beach
  • Elliott Heads

With a year-round warm climate and relaxed lifestyle Bundaberg and its surrounding beaches are a perfect holiday destination.

Bundaberg Beaches - A perfect holiday destination

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Where to find Bundaberg’s Beaches

Bundaberg is located on Australia’s eastern seaboard approximately 4 hours’ drive north of the Queensland capital of Brisbane. Multiple flights operate daily from Brisbane and the flight time is under one hour. Connecting flights are available Australia wide to Bundaberg via Qantas and its subsidiary, Sunstate Airlines.

If you will need car hire during your visit check here for the best current rates.

For those touring through regional Queensland, Bundaberg is located north of Maryborough and Hervey Bay and south of the city of Gladstone and town of Agnes Waters. 

What to do at Bundaberg Beaches

Bundaberg is located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s safe to swim and the waters are calmer than the beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. The popular swimming beaches are patrolled by the local lifesaving clubs, with designated swimming areas during the summer months.

Because of its fabulous climate it’s common to see people swimming even in the cooler months from June to September. Temperatures even in winter rarely dip below 10 Degrees Celsius and regularly reach mid 20 Degrees Celsius.

It’s also far enough south that it does not have the marine stingers or crocodiles that are prevalent in the northern waters of Queensland.

The beaches of Bundaberg also offer coral reef diving with the most popular spot being Barolin Rocks near Innes Park beach.

One of the most popular beaches near Bundaberg is Bargara, which is quickly becoming an epicentre for holiday makers visiting the region. Bargara has many resorts and hotels catering to the ever-increasing clientele. The foreshore has a variety of cafes and restaurants with live entertainment available on weekends.

You will find so many things to do in Bargara. Boutique shops, Turtle park and playground for the kids, cafes, swimming and snorkelling, and many restaurants. A walkway stretches along the foreshore of Bargara through to Nielsen park and onto Mon Repos turtle nesting area, which is a major attraction of Bundaberg and home to the largest nesting ground of ocean turtles on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Bargara playground is a popular destination for visitors to Bargara beach
Turtle park and playground at Bargara

Where to Stay when visiting Bundaberg’s Beaches

Many visitors choose to stay at one of the Bargara resorts and hotels located along the Esplanade of Bargara. The style of accommodation ranges from budget accommodation to high end resorts. There are also many options in the centre of the city of Bundaberg which is only a 15-minute drive from most of the beaches of Bundaberg. 

Find Hotels and Resorts at Bargara Beach

Need a place to stay at Bargara? Compare every available hotel and Resort at Bargara. Book today to secure the best price.

Best time to visit the beaches around Bundaberg

Bundaberg is in the Wide Bay region of Queensland and has four official seasons.

Spring from September to November.

Summer from December to February.

Autumn from March to May.

Winter from June to August.

Although popular year-round, the busiest period is from November through the Christmas holiday season when most hotels and resorts have near capacity occupancy due to the ideal Queensland climate. Many resorts of Bargara state that they have average occupancy rates of 80% per year, so even in the cooler months visitors from southern states are attracted to the region to escape the cooler conditions and enjoy the milder climate of the Wide Bay region.

Located adjacent to Bargara Beach you will find the delightful Kelly’s Beach. With so many things to do at Kelly’s beach it’s a popular beach for holidaymakers and locals.

Things to do at Kelly’s Beach Bargara

Swimming and water sports such as snorkelling are popular things to do at Kelly’s beach as is boating and fishing. Beach volleyball is sometimes available and beach cricket can regularly be seen being played by family members enjoying a day out at Kelly’s beach.

The relatively calm waters and long stretch of white sandy beach attracts visitor’s year-round. 

How to find Kelly’s Beach

Kelly’s Beach forms part of the suburb of Bargara and is a 15-minute drive from the central business district of Bundaberg City. If arriving by vehicle from the centre of Bundaberg follow the signs to Bargara and turn right at the foreshore. Follow the road along the foreshore past accommodation resorts and homes for just a few minutes and you will arrive at a parking area with access onto the sandy Kelly’s beach.

Kelly’s beach is one of the most popular beaches of Bundaberg. Unlike many beaches of Bundaberg, it is a sandy beach and safe for swimming. Bundaberg locals also refer to Kelly’s beach as The Basin.

It is one of the best Bundaberg beaches for kids with lifeguards on duty during the swimming season which lasts from approximately October to March. Although the summer months are the busiest you will find locals and tourists enjoying the facilities of the area all year round. This is due to the mild climate of Bundaberg where even in the cooler months the beaches are often busy.

The family friendly Kelly's Beach Bargara
Sunrise at Kelly’s Beach Bargara

What to do at Kelly’s Beach

Each morning you will find many people enjoying the views and walking or jogging along the beach as the sun rises over the Pacific Ocean. During weekends and public holidays, Kelly’s beach gets busy. However, it is never overcrowded and quite easy to find a nice spot on the sand to relax and take in the scenery or water activities. 

BBQ facilities are located nearby as is a children’s playground and restrooms. The free BBQ facilities, covered tables and seating area adjacent to Kelly’s beach is well maintained by Bundaberg Regional Council and a popular spot to enjoy a relaxing day by the seaside.   

Within walking distance of Kelly’s beach is the Bargara Golf Club. One of the best 18-hole Golf Courses in Bundaberg. The licensed clubhouse is a popular dining choice with reasonable priced meals and spectacular views of the ocean.      

A concrete walking pathway stretches from Kelly’s beach along the foreshore of Bargara and extends through the Mon Repos Turtle Conservation Park to Mon Repos Beach and Burnett Heads. The walkway is popular with many locals and visitors. Cyclists also use the walkway.

Bargar walkway along the Esplanade
Bargara foreshore walkway that stretches along the Bargara oceanfront

Where to eat at Kelly’s Beach

The local cafes, Restaurants and take away food stores of Bargara are easily accessible and just a few minutes’ drive or short walk. A wide selection of cuisines is available to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Bargara is fast developing a sophisticated coffee culture with many choices to enjoy that specialty coffee while taking in the relaxed beachside lifestyle.

The local Bargara Hotel (currently under reconstruction) is also a lively hotspot and has many dining and entertainment options. For more upmarket dining the adjoining Kacy’s restaurant is a well-known and popular landmark of Bargara.

Kacy's at Bargara is a popular dining spot of the Bundaberg Beaches
Kacy’s restaurant in Bargara. A favourite for locals and visitors.

A mobile food truck is also often available at Kelly’s beach, especially during weekends and peak holidays.

No matter what you are looking for Kelly’s Beach and nearby Bargara will have you covered.

Check out our video below on Kellys beach at Bargara.

Where to stay at Kelly’s Beach

Accommodation at Kelly’s Beach consists of many options with some motels and resorts offering direct beach access.

Our favourite place to stay near Kelly’s beach is The Point Resort Bargara. This 5 story apartment building with modern 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments has all the amenities you need and the location is superb. It has direct ocean frontage with spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean and is close to all the amenities of Bargara.

We like the place so much we always stay at The Point Resort during our visits to Bargara. The staff are very welcoming and will do everything they can to make a stay memorable. A quick scan of hotel review sites for the area has glowing reports of The Point Resort.

Although the best swimming beach in Bargara is a short walk It also has a pool, games room and on site BBQ facilities. For dining options it’s close to some of the best restaurants and cafe’s and the Bargara Golf Course club house is a 2 minute walk.

Bargara has some of the best seafood
Enjoying the local seafood with wine on the balcony while admiring the view during our stay at the Point Resort

If you book make sure to request an ocean front view on the higher floors where you can wake up to stunning sunrise each morning and enjoy a drink overlooking the water in the evening on the large balconies.

Click here for reviews, availability and pricing of The Point Bargara Beach

For those with caravans or tents the camping ground of the Bargara Beach Caravan Park at nearby Nielsen Park is also a popular choice. The park is clean and has many onsite facilities. Check here for availability.

What to see around Kelly’s beach

No visit to the beachside suburbs of Bundaberg would be complete without visiting some of the nearby local attractions. Bundaberg has a strong agricultural background and a long history of sugar cane production. Driving to and from Kelly’s Beach you will pass through many sugarcane farms.

Other agricultural industries from macadamia nuts to watermelons to strawberries are locally grown and many of the farms have roadside stalls and booths where you can buy the local produce direct from the farm.

Some strawberry farms have tasting rooms and during strawberry harvest season will let you pick your own strawberries.

Mon Repos beach

The main attraction of Mon Repos is the acclaimed Mon Repos turtle centre which has been established to highlight the significance and protection of the local marine wildlife.

Each year the Mon Repos conservation park hosts the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland. The nesting and hatching of the endangered Loggerhead turtles at Mon Repos is critical for the survival of this marine species.

The visitor centre hosts information, studies and the conservation efforts being undertaken to enable the continued survival of the marine and turtle population. Visitors are welcome to learn more about turtle population and during nesting and hatching season small group tours are conducted by park rangers to view Loggerhead turtles nesting and hatching.

Although visitors can access the Mon Repos beach, at certain times of the year during the turtle nesting and hatching season access is restricted at the nesting sites for protection of the turtles.

Mon Repos is a short drive from Bargara and parking is available at the visitor centre. A walkway stretches from Bargara through the Mon Repos conservation park and to the seaside suburb of Burnett Heads. The turtle trail walkway and cycle path through Mon Repos is very popular with locals and visitors and passes through stunning natural vegetation, with many places to admire the native birdlife and with direct access points to the Mon Repos beach.

With direct access to Mon Repos beach the Turtle trail is a favourite for visitors to Bargara and Mon Repos
Direct access to undisturbed beach at Mon Repos via the Turtle trail walkway

For more information including opening times and turtle encounter tours conducted by the Mon Repos Turtle centre click here.

Elliott Heads beach

Elliott Heads is another popular beachside suburb of Bundaberg. The vast stretch of white sand is ideal for swimming, boating and fishing. It is one of the most popular Bundaberg beaches for families. Below is our list, of many of the best things to do at Elliott Heads.  

One of the best beaches of Bundaberg is Elliott Heads
The vast sandy stretch of beach of Elliott Heads at low tide.

Where is Elliott Heads beach?

To reach Elliott Heads follow Elliott Heads Road from the centre of Bundaberg City. The drive takes approximately 20 minutes through cane fields, farms and past the turnoff to Innes Park and Riverview. Both of which are also popular spots for swimming and water sports. Elliott Heads is the southernmost beach of Bundaberg and is a popular holiday spot given the family friendly waters and has one of the best caravan parks in Bundaberg. 

Elliott Heads is undergoing constant redevelopment as the beach gains popularity. When arriving at the township of Elliott Heads head to the main boat ramp area where you will find a large parking area.

The Elliott Heads township has a service station Café and a few small stores. The caravan park also has a kiosk.

What is there to do at Elliott Heads?

The caravan park at Elliott Heads is often very busy with holidaymakers coming from all parts of Australia who choose this location as part of their camping in Queensland holiday itinerary. The waters of Elliott Heads are very popular with boat owners. 

Fishing and crabbing are a popular pastime and locals have their own sometimes closely guarded special fishing spots. For fishing enthusiasts Elliott Heads is the place to go for some of the best fishing and crabbing in Bundaberg.

Elliott Heads is at the mouth of the Elliott River and has sandbars that shift over time depending on tidal conditions. Therefore, boat owners need to be aware that the waters can flow very fast at times and the water can get choppy with little warning.

The sandbars and banks of islands can be accessed by boats and can be great for fishing. Boat owners do of course need to be aware of the tides and conditions and plan accordingly.

Elliott Heads although beautiful with wide sandy beaches, it is advisable to always swim within the areas patrolled by the local lifesaving club. Elliott Heads is at the mouth of the Elliott River and due to tidal conditions, the waters can at times, be fast flowing.

The boat ramp is also very busy at times so care needs to be taken around this area.

At low tide walking on the beach exploring the area is very popular and it’s sometimes possible to walk across the river to the riverbanks on the opposite side.

Top things to see at Elliott Heads

A concrete walkway is located from the main caravan park area up the hill along the esplanade cliff face which has various information stations of historical locations. Ships and submarines were stationed off the beaches of Bundaberg during WWII and markers have information along the walkway of the locations and names of the vessels. The walkway is popular for residents and visitors and well worth visiting.

Elliott Heads military memorial
memorial along the path at Elliott Heads overlooking the cliffs.

Elliott Heads cliffs are like many beaches of Bundaberg formed of volcanic rock. Although the beach along the Pacific Ocean is rocky the mouth of the river where the campground is located is mostly white sandy beach.

Photographers regularly take advantage of the high points along the esplanade, to capture sunrise over the Pacific Ocean which is stunning.

What to do near Elliott Heads

A short drive from Elliott Heads is the suburb of Riverview. Popular for boating enthusiasts and fishermen it has a well-equipped playground for the kids and boat ramp. Many Bundaberg locals prefer to use this site which is close to the mouth of the Elliott River to launch boats for easy access to Elliott Heads. Although not ideal for swimming it’s still worth including a visit to Riverview. Especially if you enjoy peaceful setting along the banks of the Elliott River. Playground, BBQ and public amenities are available.

What to see at Riverview Bundaberg
Riverview public amenities area

Innes Park beach

Between Elliott Heads, Riverview and Bargara is the suburb of Innes Park.

Innes Park beach is one of Bundaberg’s favourite beaches for families. The large sandy beach offers a safe protected swimming inlet and is popular for locals and visitors. There are many things to see and do at Innes Park Beach and this delightful oceanfront suburb should be included on any itinerary when visiting Bundaberg’s beaches.  

Where is Innes Park Beach?

The small township of Innes Park is located approximately 20 minutes by car from the CBD of Bundaberg. It is situated adjacent to the Coral Cove housing development which includes the Coral Cove 18-hole golf course and popular diving location of Barolin Rocks. There is also a small supermarket within the Coral Cove development.

To find Innes Park follow the signs to Elliott Heads from Bundaberg city and take the signed turnoff to Innes Park at the Innes Park par 3 golf club. Innes Park is well signposted and can be easily accessed from the city of Bundaberg, Bargara or Elliott Heads. 

Best things to do at Innes Park beach

Innes Park beach is a tidal inlet and although it can be a great place to spend the day at any time, it is best enjoyed around high tide when the inlet is filled with water. Having said that on low tide the beach still has water, and some prefer this, as the beach can be explored, or games played on the vast sandy area. 

Of the many Bundaberg Beaches, Innes Park has some of the best facilities for families with large playground, covered tables and electric BBQ facilities, Volleyball area, Skateboard area, clean toilet and changeroom facilities.  The local Bundaberg Council regularly maintains the grounds and keeps the facilities in good condition.

The mouth of the inlet has a boat ramp with direct access to the ocean. Fishing is a popular pastime for many locals who can be found fishing from the boat ramp or the sandy inlet. Powerboats and Jet ski are not permitted inside the inlet, so the calm water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

There is also ample off-road free parking at the playground and BBQ area.

Innes Park also has a bakery with food, coffee, light meals and other essentials. The shop is located at the turnoff to the beach area and is easy to find.  

Innes Park beach is the best Bundaberg beach for kids
Mouth of the Innes Park inlet

When is the best time to visit Innes Park?

The summer months attract the most visitors to Innes Park to cool down and enjoy the calm swimming waters. Innes Park Beach is one of the best beaches for kids due to the playground and calm swimming conditions.

The Winter months in Bundaberg are mild, with temperatures often ranging from mid-teens to mid-twenties Celsius. As such it’s not uncommon to find people enjoying Innes Park even in the cooler months from June to September. 

The busiest days at Innes Park Beach are Christmas day and Boxing day. Many families arrive early to set up tables with feasts and spend the day at Innes Park Beach.

What to see at Innes Park

The swimming area of Innes Park is the main attraction for most visitors, but for those wanting to explore the surrounds it is possible to drive past the main entrance along the esplanade toward Coral Cove. If you turn left after crossing the small bridge you can drive into the opposite side of Innes Park.

From here you can park and explore the inlet from the less populated side. There are walkways crisscrossing the area and it’s possible to walk around the Innes Park beach area to the ocean side.

Also located near Innes Park is the popular diving and snorkelling area known as Barolin Rocks. This is one of the best diving areas of the region and diving enthusiasts Australia wide come to explore the waters around Barolin Rocks.

The reason it’s so popular is because it has a large variety of sea coral and fish. Bundaberg is at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and a visit to Barolin Rocks should not be missed. As well as having some of the best diving and snorkelling it has breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

In fact, photographers often use the area to photograph sunrise from the vantage point above the rocks. There is a concrete walkway to the top of the hill, seats to take in the views and nearby toilet facilities at the parking area. Barolin Rocks is well worth a visit and only a short drive from Innes Park.

Innes Park beach one of the best beaches for kids in Bundaberg
Innes Park beach swimming area

Innes Park nearby attractions

Golf enthusiasts are well catered for as Innes Park is close to two popular Golf courses. The best known is the Coral Cove international 18-hole Golf course. This course is within the Coral Cove housing development and is open to everyone. It hosts many tournaments throughout the year and is a buggy only course. Golf buggies can be hired from the pro shop at the club house.

The other nearby Golf course is the Innes Park Par 3 Golf Course. As the name suggests it’s a par 3 nine-hole course. It is located on the main road leading to Innes Park and can’t be missed as you will pass the well signposted entrance on the way to Innes Park.

The Innes Park golf course has a popular club house and the owners have done a great job in promoting the club house as a top entertainment venue of Bundaberg. Many organisations hold functions at the venue throughout the year and they often have live entertainment. A free shuttle bus is also offered.

Where to stay near Innes Park

The closest accommodation to Innes Park is at the Coral Cove Resort and Golf Club. This resort has family units directly on the ocean front with spectacular views of the ocean or the golf course.

The Coral Cove Resort is popular with Golf enthusiasts, especially during Golf tournaments so our advice would be to book in advance. The rates are reasonable for the region and there is an onsite licensed restaurant. The resort also offers swimming and has tennis courts.

Click here for reviews, rates and more current prices.

Innes Park Beach has so much to offer for anyone visiting Bundaberg. The family friendly swimming area is a favourite for locals. Visitors who venture to Innes Park often regard Innes Park Beach as the best beach in Bundaberg for kids.

Nearby attractions of Bundaberg Beaches

Bundaberg is home to the famous Bundaberg Rum and the distillery and visitor information centre is in the heart of Bundaberg city. It is open daily for tours from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm on weekends and public holidays.

Tours of the distillery can be booked in advance or in person on the day of arrival. The tour gives a great insight into the history of Bundaberg Rum and the distilling process and concludes with a visit and tasting of Bundaberg Rum at the visitor centre. It is a must visit attraction of Bundaberg and highly recommended.

The visitor centre at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery is one of the best things to do in Bundaberg
Bundaberg Rum visitor centre

Another must visit Bundaberg attraction is the Hinkler Hall of Aviation situated in North Bundaberg in the Botanical Gardens. Bert Hinkler was an early aviation pioneer born in Bundaberg and the first person to fly solo from England to Australia, and the first person to fly solo across the Southern Atlantic Ocean.

He lived part of his life in England and as a gesture of his importance to the town of Bundaberg, his home in England was relocated brick by brick from the town of Thornhill, Southampton in England and reconstructed in the Botanical Gardens next to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

A full day is recommended when visiting to also wander the peaceful gardens. The site has a café set amongst the gardens which is a popular venue for functions and has a range of dining options.

Other Bundaberg attractions include Schmieders Cooperage which once manufactured the rum barrels for the Bundaberg Rum factory and now provide visitors with demonstrations of how the barrels were originally made.

The Bundaberg Brewed drinks factory, which offer daily tours at its distinct half barrel visitor information centre located on the main road between Bundaberg City and Bargara.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks factory in Bundaberg QLD
The distinctive Bundaberg Brewed drinks visitor centre

Of course, no stay would be complete without visiting the Mon Repos Turtle Conservation Park and Turtle information centre.

Entertainment and dining options at Bundaberg beaches

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining and entertainment with local and international cuisines readily available. Many restaurants also support local fresh produce from the region.

Seafood lovers will find the region has some of the best Australian seafood including fish, prawns, crabs, mussels and oysters fresh from the trawlers on offer at many cafes, restaurants and take away eateries. There is nothing quite like freshly cooked fish and chips while relaxing on one of the many Bundaberg beaches.

Quick facts on Bundaberg beaches

When is the best time to see the Bundaberg Turtles?

Turtle nesting and hatching is from is from approximately November to late March. Nightly Turtle Encounter Tours are conducted at Mon Repos Conservation Park.

Are the beaches of Bundaberg safe for swimming?

Yes, the calm waters of the Bundaberg beaches make it the ideal family holiday location. Popular swimming beaches are patrolled by the surf local lifesaving clubs.

Where is the best Bundaberg scuba diving?

The best place for scuba diving from the shore is at Barolin Rocks which has a large variety of coral and reef fish. Charter diving boats also provide trips to outlying popular dive locations of Cochrane Artificial Reef, Musgrave Island and lady Elliot Island day trip.

Are there Bundaberg whale watching tours?

Yes. From June-October each year the Humpback whale migration passes Fraser Island and the Fraser coast close to shore. Whale watching tours are operated from Bundaberg during the annual migration. Whales can also at times be spotted from the beaches of Bundaberg.

Last words on Bundaberg beaches

Bundaberg and surrounding attractions offer the visitor so much. A vacation at one of the many beach side resorts and hotels at Bargara should be on everyone’s itinerary when travelling through Queensland.

Other nearby beach localities include Moore Park, which is a 20-minute drive from North Bundaberg and has a Caravan and Motorhome park. Tent sites are also available.

The largest suburb for hotels and resorts is Bargara which has accommodation ranging from budget to luxury and you will find styles to suit all tastes. Have you visited the beaches of Bundaberg? 

Click here for an overview of accommodation and current rates at Bargara.


beaches of Bundaberg
best beaches of Bundaberg
Bundaberg Beaches - A Perfect Holiday Destination

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