Things to do in Kalbarri Western Australia

Kalbarri is one of Western Australia’s most picturesque seaside towns, a place where nature and history meet. The Indian Ocean reveals its untamed creation, wildflowers delight the senses and the deep gorges of the Kalbarri National Park expose the stark beauty of nature’s ever changing canvas.

For the holidaymaker Kalbarri is a laidback beach escape with the tranquil waters of the Murchison River being ideal for fishing and swimming. So, come along with us as we show you the top things to do in Kalbarri WA.

Things to do in Kalbarri

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Best Time to Visit Kalbarri

Kalbarri is located 574 km north of Perth. When visiting Kalbarri is important to know that some attractions are seasonal. For instance, the wildflower season runs from late June to early October and humpback whales make their annual migration between June and November.


Weather in Kalbarri

Kalbarri experiences a warm Mediterranean climate. Summer is between December and February and temperatures can range from 33 Celsius during the day and 19 Celsius at night.

Autumn is from March and May; this is the most popular time of year to visit as it enjoys daily temperatures of around 26 Celsius and 16 Celsius at night.

Winter is between June to August and has a daytime average of 22 Celsius and evening average of 10 Celsius. Visiting this time of year is perfect for catching the wildflower season.

Spring is from September to November and average daily temperatures are around 26 Celsius with night-time temps dropping to around 13 Celsius.

What to do in Kalbarri

There are so many things to do around Kalbarri, you can enjoy all the usual activities of a seaside holiday destination such as fishing and swimming or explore the regions natural beauty. Here is our list of things to do in Kalbarri.

Kalbarri Tours

Kalbarri has a range of unique and interesting tours to choose from, so if you enjoy taking organised tours, you are well catered for when you visit the region.

Guided Whale Watching Boat Tour at Kalbarri.

If you are looking for whale watching Kalbarri has just the tour for you! Humpback whales make their seasonal migration from June to November each year.

The whales make their round trip from Antarctica to the breeding grounds in the warm northern waters of Western Australia.

This whale watching tour is your chance to see these gentle giants frolic and play, a unique experience which is right on Kalbarri’s doorstep.

Click here for reviews and pricing of Guided Whale Watching Boat Tour.

Rock Lobster Pot Pull Tour.

Join in an adventure and take to the ocean to get a different glimpse of this pretty coastal town. Kalbarri is famous for rock lobster and here is your chance to learn more about the local Rock Lobster Industry.

Find out what it is like to be a lobster fisherman and help haul out lobster pots, re-bait and re-set them back into the ocean. Retrieve the catch of the day with experienced crew members during this interactive tour.

Click here for pricing and details of the Rock Lobster Pot Pull Tour.

Kalbarri Sunset Coastal Cliff Cruise.

Discover the beauty of the Coral Coast with a sunset cruise that takes you along the Kalbarri coastal region.

Watch the sun go down while getting close to the incredible scenery of Jacques Point, Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley, Pot Alley and Eagle Gorge. Get the camera ready for endless photo opportunities along this magnificent coastline.

Click here for reviews and pricing of the Kalbarri Sunset Coastal Cliff Cruise.

Pink Lake – Hutt Lagoon Kalbarri

Are you visiting Western Australia but do not have time to drive to Kalbarri? Look no further than this flight from Perth that gives you a dramatic bird’s eye view of the Kalbarri coastal cliffs and Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake.

Fly from Perth along the west coast of Australia, over ocean, sandy beaches, and fishing villages towards Hutt Lagoon. Take a scenic flight around one of Western Australia’s most unique features, the Pink Lake and soar along the coastal cliffs of Kalbarri.

If you have time to spare take the option to land in Kalbarri and tour the lake and coastal cliffs, before flying along the Gorge on your way back to Perth.

Click here for pricing and reviews of the Pink Lake – Hutt Lagoon by Air Tour.

Pink Lake WA
The Hutt Lagoon or Pink Lake as it is commonly known.

More things to do in Kalbarri

The Zuytdorp Memorial.

Perched on a cliff overlooking the town and the Indian Ocean is the Zuytdorp Memorial. Walking towards the memorial you will be astounded by the views but once there you will find that this peaceful landscape was once a place of terror and sadness.

Zuytdorp Memorial Kalbarri
Zuytdorp Memorial.

Much of the Western Australian coastline is framed by vast empty spaces which stretch out to the horizon. I often wonder what it would be like to be shipwrecked, how you would survive and what would be the chances of getting home to the ones you loved. The wreck of the Zuytdorp tells one such story.

On the 1st of August 1711, the Zuytdorp left Holland and set out for the trading port of Batavia in Indonesia. The ship was carrying a load of freshly minted silver coins but never reached its destination.

The Zuytdorp sank between Kalbarri and Shark Bay scattering a carpet of silver across the seabed. The fate of the crew is uncertain but there is some evidence that some may have survived and intermarried with the local Aboriginal people of the region.

Would you like to learn more about the Zuytdorp? A good read is Phillip Playfords book – Carpet of Silver: The Wreck of the Zuytdorp.

Zuytdorp Memorial info board
One of the information boards that tell the story of the shipwreck.

Pelican Feeding Point Kalbarri.

If you are looking for something fun to do in Kalbarri, make sure to watch the Pelican feeding opposite Murchison Caravan Park.

Volunteers feed the pelicans each morning at 8:45 am and a gold coin donation is welcomed as it helps cover the cost of the fish.

Visit the Coastal Cliffs.

Driving along the coast from Kalbarri to Port Gregory you will find numerous turnoffs to such places as the Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, Pot Alley, Island Rock and Natural Bridge.

Costal Cliffs at Kalbarri
Stunning coastal cliffs

Make sure to explore as you will come across picturesque sea washed and windswept cliffs that show off the best of Mother Nature’s wild beauty. While there make sure to enjoy more views from the walking tracks along the coast.

Things to do in Kalbarri National Park

One of the top things to see in Kalbarri is the Kalbarri National Park. Located just 30 km from town, the park is over 186,000 hectares in size and has some of the most scenic hikes in Western Australia.

The park is also home to the Kalbarri Skywalk which showcases the arid beauty of the park. Fees apply when entering the park and the amount you pay will depend on length of stay.

The best time to hike the park is during the cooler months between May and October. When hiking always stick to the designated track.

**For safety note that there is no drinking water available in Kalbarri National Park so make sure to carry your own supply. Temperatures are extreme in the summer months so plan your hike for early morning and carry 3-4 litres of water, wear a hat and sturdy footwear.

Kalbarri National Park
View overlooking the National Park

Kalbarri Skywalk

The Kalbarri Skywalk not only allows you to look out over spectacular views but also gives insight into native wildlife and tells the story of the local Nanda people.  

Kalbarri Skywalk
Kalbarri Skywalk platform

These twin cantilevered platforms look down into the depths of the Murchison Gorge which snakes its way through this craggy landscape. While there you can stop off for a coffee and snack at the kiosk and there are environmentally friendly rest rooms available.

Ros and Alan Cuthbertson at Kalbarri Skywalk
Taking in the views at the Skywalk


The park is the perfect place to see Western Australia’s stunning wildflowers. There are over 1,100 species of Western Australian wildflowers in the park and the best time to see them is from late June to early October during wildflower season.

During this time, the Kalbarri National Park transforms into a vibrant carpet of colour as the wildflowers bloom across the Kalbarri region.

Wildflowers at the Skywalk
Colourful wildflowers

The Loop

The Loop is an 8 km walk which highlights the erosive power of the Murchison River. During the hike you will see views across the river as you walk along the cliff edge.

Making your way down into the riverbed you will find sandy beaches and possible swimming areas shaded with river gums. The trail then loops around and climbs out of the gorge back towards Nature’s Window.

Due to the searing heat of summer the Loop Trail is closed after 7am during the warmer months from November to March.

Natures Window

Natures Window Kalbarri is located 500 metres from The Loop carpark. The Window is a natural rock arch that frames the Murchison River and vast landscape that surrounds it. Take the stairs and walk down a picturesque 1 km round trip trail to the window rock Kalbarri.

Natures Window
Nature Window.

Z Bend Kalbarri National Park

The Z Bend is named after a large Z bend in the Murchison River. The Z bend was carved out over millions of years by the waters that flow through the gorges. Here you will be awestruck by the views from the lookouts at the top of the gorge.

The trail is relatively even for the first 500 metres before making a steep descent into the gorge. When taking the hike expect loose rocks and steep ladder climbs. The Z Bend is a 1.2 km return trip from the carpark.

Accommodation in Kalbarri

There are several options on where to stay in Kalbarri. Whether you like resorts, apartments, hotels, caravan parks or campgrounds you will be spoilt for choice of places to stay in Kalbarri.

Apartments in Kalbarri

Apartments are perfect for a family friendly Kalbarri holiday. Here is a selection of self-contained apartments for longer stays.

Murchison View Apartments

The Murchison View Apartments are a short walk to Chinaman’s Beach on the Murchison River. There is a choice of two bedroom apartments with either a river or pool view.

There is a microwave and full kitchen, refrigerator, and laundry facilities. Each air-conditioned apartment has a spacious living area with satellite TV and a DVD player.

The apartments feature a private balcony for upstairs apartments and a private terrace for downstairs apartments. There is an outdoor pool and barbecue area.

Click here for pricing and reviews of Murchison View Apartments.

Kalbarri Sunset Villa

Kalbarri Sunset Villa is a beachfront split level apartment with balcony. The villa has two bedrooms and sleeps up to eight people.

Apartments are airconditioned, have a kitchen, microwave, dining area, flat screen TV, bathroom and washing machine.

Click here for reviews and pricing of Kalbarri Sunset Villa.

Kalbarri Seaview Villas.

Kalbarri Seaview Villas have views overlooking the Murchison River and Indian Ocean. For convenience, the villas are within walking distance to restaurants, cafes, taverns, and a supermarket.

The two bedroom villas sleep up to four people, have a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom and laundry facilities. A flat-screen TV, DVD player and air conditioned living areas are also included.

Click here for more information and current prices of Kalbarri Seaview Villas.

Resorts & Hotels in Kalbarri

To help you choose the best place to stay in Kalbarri we have put together a selection of resorts and hotels for a range of budgets.

Pelican Shore Villas.

If you are looking for resort style accommodation you cannot go past the Pelican Shore Villas.

Located next to the Murchison River, there is a choice of modern three bedroom poolside villas, three bedroom ocean view villas and two bedroom beachfront villas.

The villas have fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living area with LCD TV, DVD player and cable channels. The Pelican Shore Villas offers a communal BBQ area and sun loungers for relaxing.

Click here for pricing of the Pelican Shore Villas.

Caravan Parks Kalbarri

Whether caravanning or camping in Kalbarri it is important to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. To help you choose your favourite camping ground, here is our top pick of the best caravan park in Kalbarri.

Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park

The Tudor Holiday Park has an extensive range of accommodation including units, cabins, villas, caravan, and camp sites.

Park facilities include pool, children’s playground and jumping pillow, camp kitchen, BBQ’s and picnic tables and more. The park has pet friendly Kalbarri accommodation during the off peak season with prior arrangement with management.

Click here for reviews and pricing of Tudor Holiday Park.

Places to visit near Kalbarri

The Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon)

If you drive 45 minutes south of Kalbarri to Port Gregory, you will find Hutt Lagoon. Although Hutt Lagoon is its official name, this body of water is commonly known as the Pink Lake due to its unique pink hue.

This salt lake gets its pink shade from the beta-carotene rich Dunaliella salina algae which is used as a dietary supplement and food colouring agent for cosmetics. The Pink Lake is a popular spot for taking that perfect Instagram shot.

Pink Lake near Kalbarri
The Pink Lake

Quick facts on getting to Kalbarri

What is the Kalbarri to Exmouth drive time?

Exmouth to Kalbarri – 800 km (around 8 hour drive)

How far is Kalbarri from Perth?

The distance from Perth to Kalbarri is 574 km and transport options include car and bus. If you are travelling by car the Perth to Kalbarri drive should take around 6 hours.

What is the Distance Denham to Kalbarri?

Denham to Kalbarri distance – 373 km (roughly 3 hours 45 min drive)

What is the drive time for Dongara to Kalbarri?

Dongara to Kalbarri – 219 km (2 hours 30 min drive)

What is the distance Geraldton to Kalbarri?

Geraldton to Kalbarri – 155 km (about 1 hours 45 min drive)

Is there a Perth to Kalbarri Bus?

Yes. Transwa have multiple weekly services between Perth and Kalbarri which leave from East Perth Terminal with a journey time of around 8 hours & 25 minutes. Drop off point in Kalbarri is at the Kalbarri Motor Hotel.

Last words on things to do in Kalbarri

Kalbarri would have to be one of the most scenic places in Western Australia for natural beauty. The town has great fishing, a quiet beach setting and is a steppingstone to the wonders of the Kalbarri National Park.

We visited Kalbarri as part of our road trip which started in Darwin and ended in Perth and would not hesitate to visit again to explore more of this beautiful region. Kalbarri is the perfect holiday destination for families of all ages. 

Beach at Kalbarri
Kalbarri and its beaches

Have you been to Kalbarri? What was your favourite attraction? We would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment.

You may also be interested in our guide to Exmouth which is another popular West Australian tourist destination.


Kalbarri Western Australia attractions
Best things to see in Kalbarri WA
Things to do in Kalbarri Western Australia

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