Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus Review

Are you thinking of buying a Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus tent but want to know more? Then you have come to the right place. We have been living in our Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 tent on and off for six months and absolutely love it. Through rain and shine we have enjoyed our camping lifestyle and feel more than qualified to give our review.

Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus

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Why buy a Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus?

Buying a tent is hard especially for those who have never camped or have unpleasant memories of camping. Understanding your individual needs before buying is essential in making the right decision. Apart from those needs most choices come down to easy setup, the right amount of space to make camping comfortable and durability, the Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 delivers on all three.


The Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 isn’t the cheapest tent on the market but like all things you get what you pay for.

To begin with you have a choice of the Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 which is made of a lightweight polyester construction or the more durable canvas Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 tent. Both have the same design, but your choice will depend on whether you like the convenience of a lightweight tent or the longer lasting durability of a canvas tent.

Click here for pricing of the Black Wolf Turbo Lite 300 Polyester version

Click here for pricing of the Black Wolf Turbo 300 canvas version

Choosing the Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus

We did a lot of research before deciding to buy our Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 tent. Each time we felt that we had found the “one” we always detected flaws in ease of setup and durability. We wanted something that was going to last the distance and make the outlay of the tent worthwhile.

The Blackwolf Turbo 300 plus had everything we were looking for in a tent and we found the setup of the tent to be super easy and the tent was roomy enough to feel like home.

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300
Front view with fly and groundsheet

Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus Features

After spending so much time in our tent we have come to love many of the tent’s features and here are a few of our favourites.


During our travels we have been shown time and time again the durability of our Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 tent.

We have used our tent in all kinds of weather and have always managed to stay cosy inside our tent. For example, we endured 2 weeks of constant rain and stayed dry and comfortable while other tents flooded. We also battled high winds in Western Australia and managed to stay intact while other tents were blown across the campground. 


The Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus is a two room tent which has capacity for 8 people but is ideal for accommodating 3 people with a living space. The tent has two rooms which are separated by a curtain and is ideal for families.

Inside tent
Inside the tent

If like us, you want to use it as a 2 person tent with living space you will find plenty of room for a double high blow up mattress and small table and chairs. We found this living space perfect for rainy days and cold evenings when we would bring the table and chairs inside for warmth.

We have also been camping with 3 people and had room for a double high and single blow up mattress, small table and a chair with plenty of room to move inside the tent.

We were also impressed with the size of the awning which is a great entertainment area and gives shelter from the elements.

Black Wolf Turbo 300 dimensions:

  • External: 670L x 310W x 210H cm
  • Sleeping compartment: 480L x 300W cm
  • Packed down in carry bag: 145L x 34W x 35H cm

Tent Weight & Transportation

We chose the Turbo Lite Plus 300 because at 27kg it was lighter than the canvas Turbo Plus 300 which weighs 35kg and would take up less room in our vehicle. The Turbo Lite Plus 300 tent fits easily into our medium size car with the back seats folded down.

Other Features

Other features we liked were the pockets in the bedroom of the tent which were the perfect size for storing a iPad, phone and drink bottle.

We also liked the zipped guy rope pockets on the sides and front of the tent. They made pitching and packing up the tent quicker as the guy ropes are neatly stored in these easy to reach pockets.

Inside the Black Wolf Turbo tent
Inside the tent with bed and table set up.

Comparison Chart of accessories for Black Wolf Turbo Tent 300 Plus

Below is a handy table of the tent and the main optional extras available. The tent, side panels and front panels come in various configurations which are interchangeable with the polyester or canvas version of the tent.

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 TentPolyesterSEE
Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 TentCanvasSEE
Black Wolf Turbo GroundsheetsGroundmeshSEE
Black Wolf Turbo Lite Deluxe Front PanelsPolyesterSEE
Black Wolf Turbo Deluxe Lite Side PanelPolyesterSEE

First time using our tent

Being travel writers we wanted something that was going to stretch our travel dollar further and even though we hadn’t been camping for over 40 years buying a tent seemed to be the best option.

To be honest we were a little worried that camping may not be our style and I know many of our friends thought we were crazy. Another difficulty was that we lived in an apartment and couldn’t do a trial setup before we left for the road.

My wife was having nightmares for weeks about setting up the Black Wolf Turbo Lite 300 tent and was extremely nervous the day we left home. We arrived at our first caravan park at Yeppoon in the late afternoon and with an eager audience of park patrons we set up the tent, thankfully it was easy, and we looked like seasoned professionals.

Since that time, we have a fine-tuned routine for pitching camp and always feel comfy cosy in our tent. We love the camping lifestyle and always get compliments on our tent and camping gear.

Outback Equipment

Setting up the Black Wolf Turbo 300 Lite

A Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus Review wouldn’t be complete without instructions on putting up the tent. For us the Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus setup was separated into 3 parts, laying the groundsheet, putting up the tent and draping the fly.

The Groundsheet

The groundsheet is optional, but we believe it is well worth the extra cost as it is made of a heavy duty mesh that allows dirt and moisture to fall through for a clean and dry living space. This is a great feature especially under the awning as the outdoor area stays cleaner for a lot longer.

The groundsheet also makes the setup of the Black Wolf Turbo 300 tent a lot easier as it is a template for the positioning of the tent.

Groundsheet for the Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 Tent

Check here for pricing and reviews of the groundsheet.

The Tent

After pegging down the groundsheet it’s time to pop up the tent. Take the tent out of the bag, unclip the ties holding the tent secure and unfold and clip the legs straight. Pull the legs out into a square shape making sure that the front doorway zippers are facing the front.

Black Wolf Turbo Plus setup
Setting up the tent.

Position the tent at the point where the groundsheet widens at the front, leaving a section for the awning floor. Spread the legs to the corresponding groundsheet peg loop, unzip the tents door and fly screen before stepping inside to pop up the tent. Make any last minute adjustments to the placement of the tent and peg down the leg tapes at their stretching point.    

Unclip the back section of the tent, assemble and thread through the poles and frames. Arrange the frame with legs facing forward so the back of the tent sits taunt and peg down to secure.

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 without the fly

The Fly

The fly is the most time consuming part of the tent set up but well worth it for the shade, tent insulation and extra living space under the awning.

Take the fly out of the carry bag and establish back from front. You will find that the front has three tentpole eyelets and triangular guy rope pouches and the back has one guy rope pouch in the centre of the fly.

Place the curved arms of the fly over the four corresponding corners of the tent and once in the correct position attach to the frame with the Velcro strips and clips. Unzip all the guy rope pockets and peg down the guy ropes. Make sure everything is secure before starting on the awning.

Under the awning take the extended awning reach pole and hook it into the black hub on the roof of the tent. Pull the reach pole out to the front of the awning and thread the spigot of the awning pole through the reach pole and middle awning eyelets. Unzip the guy rope pouches and secure with the guy ropes.

The two shorter awning poles are hooked through the eyelets on the outer edges of the awning and secured with guy ropes.

At this point your mission is complete you’ve successfully put up the tent and it’s time to have fun at your campsite.

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 Fly
Putting up the Fly

Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus Review of Accessories

Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus and Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 both have a range of accessories which come in canvas or the lighter polyester. Both tents are the same design and accessories are interchangeable so polyester accessories can be placed on the canvas Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus.

When we purchased our tent the only optional extra we bought was the groundsheet. The awning front and side panels were also available and cheaper to buy with the tent but at the time we weren’t sure how we were going to like camping, so we decided not to buy them. We came to regret this decision because had we purchased them when we bought the tent it would have been cheaper.

Black Wolf Turbo Lite plus 300

Why Buy Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus Accessories?

After camping for a month, we realised that the awning side panels would be a useful addition for keeping out the sun, wind and an extra barrier if it rained. We purchased 2 side panels and decided to buy the deluxe front panel as well as we thought it may come in handy. We are so glad we bought these accessories as they have been invaluable during our travels.

Front and side panels for the Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300
Inside the annex with side and front panel – door rolled back

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Side Panels

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Side Panels are perfect for protection from the elements and privacy. When camping we usually put both side panels up and roll them back when we don’t need them. We find that they are used every day and they are fabulous for keeping the wind away when you are cooking.  

Click here for pricing of the side panels.

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Deluxe Front Panel

We don’t use the Black Wolf Turbo Lite Deluxe Front Panel as much but when we do it is essential. There have been a couple of instances where our campsite was in full sunshine, on these occasions we only put up the front panel which blocked out the sunshine and the absence of side panels allowed for good airflow through the annex.

Click here to check pricing of the front panel.

Using Front & Back Panels Together

Nobody likes camping in the rain, but it is all part of the camping experience. We endured 2 weeks of constant rain in Bundaberg and the only reason we didn’t pack up and leave is because the front and back panels came to our rescue. Once attached we had an extra living space and were dry and comfortable in our tent.

Black Wolf side and front panels
Inside annex at night with front and side panels

During this time, we found that along with the groundsheet the additional undercover area played a large part in keeping the inside of our tent clean and dry.

This gave us lots of options, if the rain stopped, we could open the front panel door and window for extra ventilation, roll back one or two of the side panels for easy access or have them all closed to make another room. We fell in love with the versatility of the panels and are happy that they don’t take up much space as they fold down into a flat carry bag when not in use.


Last Words on Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus Review

We hope this Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus review has helped you choose your perfect tent and like us make many happy memories on your camping holidays.

We are very happy with our purchase and can thoroughly recommend the Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 and its canvas version the Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 as good quality and comfortable tents.

Do you have a Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus? What is your favourite feature? We would love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment.

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Black Wolf Turbo 300
Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus
Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus Review

2 thoughts on “Black Wolf Turbo 300 Plus Review”

  1. Great review Alan I purchased a tent from Snowy’s in 2016 a large dome style family tent . They had a lot of info for us a to work out what we needed.
    My daughter and I took it winter camping in Jindabyne we even had light snow on it. The rip stop fabric really works as during set up I missed the tent peg on the fly a coursed small tear. It withstood some strong winds.
    I love the newer tents now with quick set ups.
    Also the prices are amazing pretty much the same as in 2016.
    Since then we have purchased a camper van but I still love tents. As hubby hates towing we might upgrade to a new tent and the Black Wolf is at the top of the list.

  2. Hello Louisa,

    Lovely to hear from you! We are glad you had a great experience with your tent and are impressed that you took your tent winter camping at Jindabyne, a true test of a good tent. If you do decide to buy a new tent do consider the Black Wolf as they make quality tents. Happy travels and thank you for your comment!

    Alan & Ros

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