Ultimate Guide to the Best Sleeping Bag 2021

The right sleeping bag can make all the difference when looking for a restful night’s sleep, whether you’re planning for an outdoor winter adventure or camping in the Australian summer a top-quality sleeping bag is a must have.

In this guide, we will take you through the key features and important considerations you need to keep in mind when buying the best sleeping bag to suit your needs. We cover adult sleeping bags, Kids sleeping bags, women specific sleeping bags and sleeping bags for couples.

From the best lightweight cold weather sleeping bag to the best lightweight summer sleeping bag and many more.

Best Sleeping Bag

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Comparison chart for the best sleeping bag 2021

Finding the best sleeping bag to suit your needs can be difficult. Whether your looking for the best lightweight sleeping bag for hiking Australia, or cold weather sleeping bag, there is a sleeping bag to suit all outdoor situations.

To help you choose, we’ve listed the best sleeping bags of 2021 available for easy comparison along with the main features they provide. ​​​​

Sleeping BagImageFeaturesRating (/5)Cost
Marmot Angel Fire Woman’sMarmot-Angel-Fire-1Women’s Specific Fit
3D Hood Construction
Full Length Zipper
Caribee Snow DriftCaribee Snow Drift Sleeping BagBudget Sleeping Bag
Comfort Cotton Lining
Full Length Zipper
Roman Palm Lite Ultra Compact HoodedRoman Palm Lite Ultra Compact Hooded Sleeping BagUltra Light
Insufil Thermo inner
700 grams
Fits in Palm of hand
Roman Junior Camper 400 Kid’s Sleeping BagRoman Junior Camper Sleeping BagKids sleeping bag
Hoodless Square
Marmot Phase 30 Sleeping BagMarmot Phase 30 Sleeping BagPertex Quantum© Ripstop Nylon
Full Zip Dual Slide
Shape: Mummy
OZtrail Blaxland Jumbo Hooded Sleeping BagOZtrail Blaxland Jumbo Hooded Sleeping Bag190T Ripstop Polyester
Airweave™ polycotton
Auto-lock Zipper
Roman Palm Passport -5° Sleeping BagRoman Palm Passport -5° Sleeping BagThermo Insufil
Weight – 1.6kg
Sea To Summit Ascent 3 Aciii Down Sleeping BagSea to Summit Ascent Sleeping BagDUCK Down filling
Dual cord adjustment
Security pocket
Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight Down Sleeping BagULTRA-DRY Down
Fast Drying
Repels moisture
Sea to Summit Trek 1 TKI Down Sleeping Bag Sea to Summit Trek 1 TKI Down Sleeping BagInternal hood drawcord
Side block baffle
Separate foot zip
Roman Camper Double 400 Sleeping BagRoman Camper Double 400 Sleeping BagHoodless Square
Ripstop Polyester
Double Anti Snag Zipper
Sea to Summit Basecamp 2 BCII Sleeping BagSea to Summit Basecamp 2 BCII Sleeping Bag30D DWR Nylon shell
and 20D Nylon lining
Darche Cold Mountain 1400 Canvas Sleeping BagDarche Cold Mountain 1400 Canvas Sleeping Bag300gsm dual layer
Internal pocket
Dual zipper
OZtrail Cotton Canvas Mega Sleeping BagOZtrail Cotton Canvas Mega Sleeping BagRipstop Cotton Canvas
Double Anti Snag Zipper
Cotton Flannel Lining
Marmot Hydrogen Sleeping BagMarmot Hydrogen Sleeping BagPertex 20D Nylon R/S
RDS 800+ Fill Power Goose Down
Mummy shape

The Best Sleeping Bags Australia 2021

Here’s a reference list – see all sleeping bag reviews below!

  • Marmot Angel Fire women’s Sleeping Bag
  • Caribee Snow Drift Sleeping Bag
  • Roman Palm Lite Ultra Compact Hooded Sleeping Bag
  • Roman Junior Camper 400 Kid’s Sleeping Bag
  • Marmot Phase 30 Sleeping Bag
  • OZtrail Blaxland Jumbo Hooded Sleeping Bag
  • Roman Palm Passport -5° Sleeping Bag
  • Sea To Summit Ascent 3 Aciii Down Sleeping Bag
  • Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag
  • Sea to Summit Trek 1 TKI Down Sleeping Bag
  • Roman Camper Double 400 Sleeping Bag
  • Sea to Summit Basecamp 2 BCII Sleeping Bag
  • Darche Cold Mountain 1400 Canvas Sleeping Bag
  • Oztrail Cotton Canvas Mega Sleeping Bag
  • Marmot Hydrogen Sleeping Bag

What is a sleeping bag?

A sleeping bag is essentially a lightweight insulated quilt that often has a zipper or other means of closing and which functions as a portable bedding in situations such as hiking, camping, climbing, and hill walking. The primary purpose of best ultralight sleeping bag is to provide thermal insulation and warmth through its synthetic insulation.

The best sleeping bags typically have water-repellent or water-resistant covers that protect against moisture penetration, light precipitation, and wind chill to some extent, but you might need a tent for additional protection against the elements. The best budget ultralight sleeping bag is also usually cushioned, but you might also need a camp cot or a sleeping pad in addition to this cushioning. The bottom section may also be moderately water repellent.

Sleeping bags come in a wide range of models and designs for different uses. Lightly insulated sleeping bags are designed for use during summer camping while the heavily insulated models are suitable for cold weather use. As you would expect, the heavily insulated, lightweight top quality sleeping bags are more expensive compared to the lightly insulated models.

Why you need a good quality sleeping bag?

At the end of an action-packed day outdoors, there is nothing more comforting than crawling into a high quality, well-cushioned sleeping bag for a well-deserved sleep. Proper sleeping is probably the next most important aspect after shelter. Inadequate sleep can affect you physically and mentally and dampen the fun of your camping getaway.

The last thing you want is planning your adventure, putting energy into parking, drive hundreds of kilometres only to end each camping day tired and grumpy. You need a good quality sleeping bag that will absorb all the bumps, bruises, dents and pricks that nature will throw your way during your daytime activities. The perfect lightweight sleeping bag needs to be resilient, and capable of being stuffed and re-stuffed repeatedly without compromising its physical integrity, especially for the down models.

The best quality sleeping bag will also be able to protect you against the chill, wind, moisture and light precipitation. If you’re right about the quality, chances are it will be considerably durable and will serve you for many years before you think about replacing it.

The best quality sleeping bags designed for serious campers and hikers also tend to be tough but lightweight. After all, the idea of carrying a sleeping bag is to help you save on space and cut down the weight of your camping equipment. Most high-quality sleeping bags can easily fit in the bottom compartment of a standard hiking backpack.

Detailed 2021 Sleeping Bag Reviews

The benefits and importance of a sleeping bag are indisputable, and when embarking on a trip, it’s one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Good quality sleeping bags are crucial for safety, comfort, and warmth, and will help your body perform better while in the outdoors.

Today, we will be looking at a range of top sleeping bags based on quality, portability, warmth factor, durability, size, price and many other factors we talk about in our guide on how to choose the best sleeping bags. So whatever weather condition you’re headed to, you can be sure to find the best all round sleeping bag that will fit within your budget.


Marmot Angel Fire

The Marmot Angel Fire is a women-specific sleeping bag which is designed to accommodate and fit a woman’s body. The certified 650 fill power down is treated with a down defender treatment to provide extra insulation and warmth in the feet and hood areas while protecting against moisture in wet environments.

This bag comes with some very resourceful features to sustain your stay in cold, wet weather while mountaineering, backpacking or river rafting. The new women’s model has an improved fabric in addition to updated style lines to maximise comfort. The bag is designed for 3-season backpacking, it is relatively lightweight and will continue to provide insulation even when wet. The Angel fire is EN tested with a temperature rating of -4ºC, so you can expect worry-free 3-season adventures into the mountains.

The multi-baffle hood features draw cords which allow you to cinch the hood and envelop your head for extra warmth. Most users appreciate the 2-way, anti-snag zippers on this bag as they allow them to easily get in and out of it. You also get a stash pocket for keeping your night-time essentials.

The Marmot Angel Fire is perfect for warmth, comfort, compactness, and versatility making it one of the best sleeping bags for women.

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The Caribee Snow Drift sleeping bag is a jumbo sleeping bag and one of our favourites. It has many features including an inside pocket for your phone or torch and will not burn a hole in your wallet. Being a jumbo size sleeping bag there is plenty of internal room and is a good choice for those looking for a larger bag. 

The bag is rated to -10 Deg C and filled with tech loft extreme fibre that has tiny air pockets that trap warmth and insulate your body to keep it warm when the outside conditions are cold. It also has soft touch cotton lining that is extremely comfortable.

Features and Specs in Summary

Weight – 2.4 Kg

Max. User Height – 210 cm

Internal Girth – 170 cm

External Dimensions – 240L x 90W cm

Packed Dimensions – 44L x 28W x 28H cm

Lining – Comfort Cotton

Zipper – Double

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Roman Palm Lite Ultra

Roman palm lite ultra-compact hooded sleeping bag is touted as one of the smallest and lightest sleeping bag in its class. It’s so compact it can literally fit in your palm when packed down. This compact sleeping bag comes with lab-tested accurate temperature ratings, which means you know exactly what to expect when buying it. But you might be wondering, is a sleeping bag this light and small inefficient in the wilderness?

Well, don’t let the compact size fool you, the Palm Lite Ultra Compact comes with a Thermaspace lining which is breathable, lightweight but extremely efficient at reflecting body heat back inside, preventing heat loss. It has sufficient lining to insulate you while keeping you comfy at the same time, thanks to the premium Insufil Thermo inner fill.

Like all the Roman sleeping bags, this one too comes with tough SBS zippers with the anti-snag systems and conveniently placed small pockets for your phone, iPod or MP3.

Features and Specs in Summary

Weight –700 grams

Size – (180+30) x 70cm x 55

Fill –Thermo Insufil 50g/m2 x 2

Shell – Nylon Diamond ripstop 280T

Lining – Silktex 75D/210T micro-weave pongee

Styling – Tapered rectangular

Anti-Snag System

Compact and lightweight

Outer lining –Soft-touch nylon

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Roman Junior Camper

Junior campers will also enjoy a warm night’s sleep under the stars with the Roman Junior Camper 400 Sleeping Bag. Comfy and warm enough for year-round camp outs, this sleeping bag is perfect for getting the most out of your camping needs.

The Junior Camper 400 has a soft and stylish polycotton flannelette lining and durable RipStop Polyester outer which contains a warm and thick synthetic fill. The anti-snag zips run the full length of the bag so it can be opened into a quilt or kept closed with separate foot zip ventilation. The Roman Junior Camper 400 Sleeping Bag has a comfort temperature rating of 0°C.

The conventional rectangular design of the Junior Camper 400 sleeping bag measures at 170cm long making it great for kids or shorter adults. Lightweight at 1.4kg and packs away into a stuff sack for easy transportation.

0°C temperature rating

Suitable for users up to 170cm tall

Foot unzips separately, or open full-length zip to use as a quilt

Comfort Rating: 0 °C

Internal Girth:130 cm

External Dimensions:160L x 63W cm

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Marmot phase 30

Marmot Phase 30 Sleeping Bag is an all-purpose bag designed as a light and compact set up for both weekend hikers and bike packers in mind. You will welcome the warmth provided by the Marmot’s 850-fill-power-down with a water-resistant Down Defender treatment that will keep you dry and warm overnight.

The Malmot Phase 30 is EN tested and has a shell constructed from a 10D Pertex nylon ripstop and stretch tricot baffles to prevent the fill from moving around and creating cold spots. The nautilus multi-baffle hood can be snugly cinched to trap warmth.

Access to the bag is through a full length two-way locking zipper. The roomy anatomical wrap-around foot box will allow your feet wiggle room without feeling trapped. The sleeping bag features an internal pocket to store smaller essentials for easy access. The sleeping bag packs away into its own storage sack for transport.

Lightweight and compact pack size

850-fill-power-down with water-resistant Down Defender treatment

Nautilus multi-baffle hood traps warmth

Comfort Rating: -1 °C

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Oztrail Blaxland Jumbo

The Oztrail Blaxland jumbo hooded sleeping bag has generous proportions which are ideal for taller campers wanting extra room. The sleeping bag also gives value for money offering a tremendous balance of price and performance.

With a minimum temperature of -5°C and comfort rating of 0°C, the Blaxland provides versatile sleeping options including dual zips for zipping two bags together, a soft polycotton lining, a draw corded hood and draft tubes.

The Blaxland comes complete with a polyester stuff sack, is compact pack size and made with two layers of Non-Allergenic Exotherm® synthetic fill for efficient insulation.

Generous dimensions

Can join 2 bags together

Includes stuff sack

Comfort Rating: 0 °C

Max. User Height: 230 cm

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Roman Palm Passport

If you love what the Palm Lite Ultra Compact bag has to offer but would rather have something puffier, then the Roman Palm Passport -5° Sleeping Bag might be your best pick. The Passport -5° is an equally small, lightweight and compact bag for hikers and backpackers who mind their grams. It comes with LH and RH zips that allow you to join another bag to form a double sleeping bag.

While it’s a relatively small and lightweight model, the Palm Passport -5° still offers sufficient comfort and insulation –like the Palm Lite Ultra Compact bag we reviewed earlier, this one also features breathable and lightweight Thermaspace lining that reflects your body heat back to prevent heat loss. For the comfort, lightweight, compactness and excellent insulation, you can be sure of your value for money once you get your hands in this.

Features and Specs in Summary

Weight – 1.6kg

Size –210 x 75cm

Fill –Thermo Insufil 180g/m2

Shell – Nylon Diamond Ripstop 280T

Lining – Silktex 75D/210T micro-weave pongee

Zippers – (2)Nylon full-length Auto Lock

Design Styling – Tapered rectangular

Tapered bottom – for more warmth at feet

Anti-Snag System

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Sea to Summit Ascent

Search online for “Top 5 camping tents / sleeping bags / backpacks …. etc.” and you will not miss an item or two from the Sea To Summit brand. The Ascent 3 Aciii is a versatile, comfortable, warm, and lightweight sleeping bag that will literally stick with you from the sea to the summit, with no compromise in performance. This model offers a little more wiggle room than the traditional mummy bag while still being efficient in insulation.

The top third of the bag features a half zip on the right side that offers additional ventilation and little more freedom for your arms. If you need a little more warmth, simply close all the zips and lock them in place. The 3D hood and panelled footbox are welcome enhancements for those extra-cold nights. If you’ve ever used any Sea To Summit outdoor product, you probably already know that they don’t cut corners when it comes to Quality, comfort, convenience, and performance.

Features and Specs in Summary

Weight –1325 g

Recommended user height –up to 183 cm

Shell –100% Nylon

Lining – 100% Nylon

Primary Filling Material –DUCK Down

Design style – Tapered rectangular shape

Free-Flow half right side for movement freedom and ventilation

Generously sized hood

Dual cord adjustment for maximum warmth retention

Security pocket

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Sea to Summit Spark SP1

This is probably the smallest, lightest, high-performance sleeping bag in its category. The Sea to Summit Spark 1 weighs just about 350g and literally packs down to a tiny package that fits in a side pocket of a standard backpack. The sleeping bag is specifically designed for campers and climbers who are desperate to cut down on both weight and volume. And the best thing is that it does so without compromising on warmth and comfort.

If you’re wondering what makes this bag so lightweight yet so effective, here is why. It uses a 15D lining and micro-weight 10D shell, super quality, moisture-repelling 850+ loft down and a ⅓ length YKK zipper. The zipper, shell, and lining combined weigh less than the internal insulation. The lining and shell feel delicate and soft, but not brittle, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking under normal use.

The Summit Spark 1 cold weather sleeping bag delivers unexpected performance to offer you the necessary warmth and comfort throughout the night. Due to low volume and weight, you could also use it as a liner bag to boost the warmth of your main, larger sleeping bag in frigid winter temperatures.

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Sea to Summit Trek Tk1

Sea to Summit seeks to redefine the industry standards of the down sleeping bags by offering quality and fill with their internationally tested down. The TREK 1 incorporates premium 650 loft down and 2D PermaShell fabric to offer exceptional warmth and comfort in a rather classic fashion. The 3D side wall also means that the down will loft to the very last inch of the edge of the bag.

The Sea to Summit Trek 1 comes with a spacious, easily accessible security pocket located on the inside; ideal for securing passports and other valuables. Most users prefer the Trek 1 for adventure travel, globe-trotting and backpacking. The semi-rectangular design is a perfect compromise between the spacious rectangular design and the snug and warm mummy design. Its full-length zipper allows you to open this bag out into a full duvet that you can use in warm weather and indoors.

Other clever features include differential cut shell, 60/40 fill ratio, laundry bag, mesh storage cell, side block baffle and cushioned internal drawcords for the hood. So if you can’t handle the snug and restrictive nature of the mummy sleeping bag designs, then this might just be your best option.

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Roman Camper Double

This cosy double sleeping bag features traditional design and versatility for a memorable outdoor experience. The bag features a durable ripstop polyester outer, soft cotton flannelette lining and thick synthetic fill to contain warmth.

The Roman Camper Double 400 sleeping bag has a comfort temperature rating of 0°C. Anti-snag zips run the full length of the bag and can be opened to make a quilt or kept closed and used with the separate foot zip for ventilation.

The zips are a versatile addition allowing the bag to be transformed into two separate quilts, a plus for any camping kit. There are hanging loops on the bag for airing and storing. The Roman Camper Double 400 Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for couples who enjoy camping together, or the family who needs an adaptable model for everyone to use.

Ripstop polyester outer

Comfortable cotton flannelette lining

Anti-snag full-length zips allow bag to be opened and used as 2 separate quilts

Separate foot zips for ventilation

Comfort Rating: 0 °C

Max. User Height:210 cm

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Sea to Summit Basecamp

If you’re into Sea to Summit sleeping bags but didn’t quite like the restrictive designs of our previous two recommendations, then this model might just be your best bet, and here is why. The Sea to Summit Basecamp 2 sleeping bag is designed with comfort in mind. It has a contoured rectangular design, or what some would call pod design, which comfortably accommodates users who like to curl up or stretch out full length while asleep. It’s also a perfect choice for a restless sleeper who often turns and tosses throughout the night.

The Basecamp is also designed to work with Sea to Summit’s Aeros Pillows and Air Sprung Cell hiking mats to create a comprehensive and ultra–comfort sleep system. This particular model promises to stick with you whichever way the weather turns. If it gets too cold, simply zip yourself in and pull tight the internal drawcord. If the weather turns steamy, then you can unzip it a little or vent the feet to keep yourself cool and comfortable.

But you’re not just buying a sleeping bag, this bag can be easily transformed into a svelte summer quilt. Overall, this sleeping bag is pretty lightweight and after carrying it around for a while, you will even forget you had it.

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Darche Cold Mountain Canvas

Like the Sea to Summit Basecamp model above, the Darche cold mountain sleeping bag is designed for users who prefer extra room and a little more comfort. The jumbo size is designed with an adventurer, tourer, fisherman, campers and all-around outdoor tent enthusiast in mind.

This particular model comes with a Dual Zip system, suitable for entry and exit from either side. It also allows two bags to be mated into one supersized bag. The toe end features a zip that you can unzip for extra coolness and ventilation on warmer nights.

The Cold Mountain jumbo features a versatile modular construction that eliminates cold spots. The floating lower layer filling and top fixed layer filling ensures even insulation and distribution of warmth. With a cold comfort rating, baffle collar, internal pockets, compression bag and anti-snag zippers, this floating bag can cater for both beginners and the wildest and most adventurous outdoor fans alike. A top choice if you are looking for the best canvas sleeping bag.

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The OZtrail Cotton Canvas sleeping bag has a tough exterior that conceals a soft, warm, and comfortable space inside.

Have a cosy night under the stars with two layers of ExoTherm® Extreme polyester fibre sandwiched between a cotton canvas outer and a soft flannel lining. All the layers work together to keep you warm and comfortable.

The OZtrail Cotton Canvas sleeping bag has a draw corded hood for extra warmth and heaps of space inside which will have you nodding off to dreamland even in the toughest environments.

Long and extra wide

Tough canvas shell

Flannel lined

Includes carry bag

Comfort Rating: -7 °C

Max. User Height:220 cm

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Marmot Hydrogen

The Hydrogen Sleeping Bag from Marmot is ideal for those cooler nights where warmth is the number one priority. The sleeping bag is light and has a compact design for packability, perfect for when space and weight are a much needed option.

The sleeping bag has a unique mummy shape to trap heat. The anatomically designed footbox has wraparound construction for warmth. This bag is made from ultralight 20D nylon ripstop fabric and filled with certified 800+ fill power goose down which has a Down Defender treatment to improve water resistance in wet conditions. The smooth curved baffles decrease down resettlement and the multi-baffle hood with a drawcord for keeping your head snug.

The Hydrogen has a temperature limit of -1°C. The main zipper anti-snag slider reduces snagging and the second zipper provides ventilation and access. The Marmot Hydrogen Sleeping Bag is lightweight and the super-packable.

Filled with certified 800+ fill power goose down

EN 13537 temperature tested

Full length locking YKK two-way zipper with zip guard slider

Down defender improves water resistance in wet conditions

Multi-baffle hood with drawcord

Comfort Rating: 0.9 °C

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What to look for when buying a Sleeping Bag

While backpacking, one of the most important items to consider is the sleeping bag. When choosing the bag, most people look for is comfort and resilience. So, what qualities do you look for in the best sleeping bags? Australia has a diverse climate, from the rugged outback with scorching heat to snow capped mountains. Here are some of the most important things to look for when choosing the best sleeping bags for backpacking.

Season Ratings

Sleeping bag season ratings are meant to make it easier for you to choose the best bag for the season. The main ratings hear are summer, three-Season, and winter.

Summer: Summer sleeping bags, as you would expect, are suitable for temperatures starting from 30ºC  and higher and make a great choice for camping in regional Queensland. They are usually lightweight because they require less insulation and can easily fit into a tiny packing space. Sleeping bags with good quality zippers often have full-length zippers that allow you to open them up completely for ventilation when the night gets steamy. Most of them are quite simple since you will most likely not need things like the draft collar or the hood.

Three-Season: Three-Season rated sleeping bags are best suited for temperatures starting from 20ºC and above. They are ideal for Autumn and Spring trips, as well as summer when camping in the high cold mountains. Most three-season bags come with additional features to help you combat colder temperatures. So you will find things like cinch-able hoods, zipper draft tubes, and draft collars.

Winter: The cold weather sleeping bags are heavily insulated, puffy looking bags that can shield you against the cold and moisture in temperatures from around 20ºC and below. They also have all the features of the three-season bags including zipper draft tubes, cinch-able hoods, and draft collars, in addition to heavier insulation. Winter bags tend to be quite bulky (because of the insulation), and so you might want to invest in a good compression sack.

Wake refreshed with a quality sleeping bag

Temperature Ratings

Sleeping bags come with temperature ratings, which is an indication of the minimum temperature that a particular bag is designed to handle. These ratings should, however, be taken with a pinch of salt, because there is currently no universal, standardised method for determining ratings. This means the claims about how much warmth the bag can handle are not always up to standard, but in most cases, they are realistic.

There is, however, one standardised rating knows as the EN 13537 that has been widely adopted in Europe and is now being accepted and adopted in Australia, U.S., and other areas as well. The rating system uses the following ratings;

Upper limit: Denotes the highest temperature at which a standard/average man can have a comfortable sleep without excessive sweating.

Comfort: Denotes the lowest temperature at which a standard/average woman can have a comfortable sleep without excessive sweating.

Lower limit: Denotes the lowest temperature at which a standard/average man can have a comfortable sleep without excessive sweating.

Since there is no universal rating system yet, the best you can do is to use these ratings as a starting point, then let your instinct guide you towards what you feel suits you.

Insulation Types

This is one of the tough little decisions you will have to make too. But luckily, you only have two main options to choose from; down and synthetic. Here is a quick look at each of the two.

Down: Down insulation is the most efficient and lightest you can get in the market. It’s also very compressible (which saves you some packing space) and retains its loftiness and puffiness, and hence its insulation power for longer compared to synthetics. Down bags are generally more costly compared to synthetics, but this price will depend on the fill-power. Fill-power here refers to a way of rating down quality and it ranges from 600 to 900. All you need to understand here is that the warmest down is the loftiest, so the higher the rating the warmer your sleeping bag will be.

Synthetic: Synthetic sleeping bags come in many different designs and are generally less expensive compared to down. Synthetics are generally non-allergenic and can insulate even when wet, which makes them the best choice when camping in damp climates. If you’re on budget or simply going out for casual adventurers, the synthetics might be ideal for you. Just keep in mind that they offer a little less warmth and might be a bit bulkier when compressed. But still, you can get good quality synthetic bags that are more compressible and feel soft.

Down/Synthetic Combination: Newer sleeping bag models now combine synthetic and down fill. This hybrid design offers the benefits of both materials and eliminates some of the downsides. You will find some hybrid designs blending the two materials throughout the bag, and in other cases, the lofty down material may be on top and the durable synthetic on the bottom.

Choosing the correct sleeping bag is crucial

Popular Bag Shapes

Sleeping bags come in different shapes and cuts, each crafted to appeal to different types of adventurers. Here are some of the most common shapes and designs and best sleeping bags for camping.

Mummy: Mummy sleeping bags have a tapered cut through the feet and legs, giving it maximum thermal efficiency. The primary job of any sleeping bag is to contain the heat your body generates and the smaller the interior space, the more efficient the bag is. Although most mummy bags have plenty of room through the torso and shoulders, broader campers and restless sleepers might want to choose an alternative cut. Generally, mummy bags are smaller and lightweight.

Rectangular: This design doesn’t have a taper through the legs, it’s rectangular in shape, and offers maximum room and comfort. The bags are however not very thermally efficient and are often used for indoor sleepovers and backyard camping, or during summer adventures. If you have two bags with compatible zippers, you can easily mate them to form a double size bed.

Semi-rectangular: Semi-rectangular sleeping bags are a compromise between the rectangular and the mummy shapes. They are ideal for campers who can’t handle the confinement of the mummy designs but need a little more warmth than what the rectangular bag can offer.

Bag Length

Length is also a very important aspect when choosing your bag. Bags come in different lengths, and you might find them labelled short or X-Long. The sizes will differ depending on the manufacturer and gender. To choose the correct sleeping bag size, review the bags specs and a check the listed height to see that it will fit you.

Other Key Features

Baffles: These are compartments in the bag that hold the filler material for even distribution.

Inner Linings: Polyester and fine nylon linings are the most common materials used to line most sleeping bags. Cotton flannel can also be used. But while cotton is breathable and lightweight, it traps moisture and is not the best option in moist, damp conditions.

Zipper: Two-way way zippers can be easily opened when you need ventilation, they can be either full length or just halfway. A zipper with a zip baffle can prevent heat loss and keep you a little warmer.

Hood: Some of the heat is lost through the head, so if you’re headed camping in the cold mountains, a shaped hood with a cord closure can help keep the heat in.

Draft Collar: A draft collar, which seats at the base of the hood, prevents the loose heat while keeping out the cold around shoulders and neck.

Different types of Sleeping Bags

As you already know by now, there are different types of sleeping bags all with different unique added advantages that make them suitable for certain occasions. Here are the most common types you will get on the market.


The double-wide bags, also known as couple sleep bags, are most preferred by couples because they offer home-like sleep even when out in the wilderness. They are specifically designed for two people and some include an extra cushioning around the shoulder and head area to act as a pillow. Some double bags can unzip to form two separate individual bags.

Bag designed for women

Women’s bodies have different physiological features compared to men, so manufacturers have designed sleeping bags specifically for women. Women’s bags tend to be warmer than men’s, and are shaped to comfortably accommodate a woman’s frame. Typical women’s bags are wide at the hips and narrow the shoulders, and should be lighter and less bulky.

Body-shaped sleeping bags

This might look a little wired at first as it resembles a space suit. But once you try it on, you might not want to get out of it. Body-shaped models often have legs and arms; you can easily slip in it and walk around or sit by the fireplace. It provides maximum comfort and mobility, and wraps around your body to keep you warm.

Pod-shaped sleeping bags

This type of sleeping bags provide enough room for unrestricted body movement. They are also very comfortable as they enable you to curl up in your favourite position or turn. They might look like mummy bags, but they aren’t as fitting, snug and restrictive. You can move and wriggle about. They are however not as warm as the mummy bag.

Kids sleeping bags

Sleeping bags for kids are often lightweight, compact and easy to pack. Most of them also have built-in sleeves at the bottom to hold the sleeping pad in place. Comfort is important to your kid, so see if you can get a design with pockets that allow you to add a pillow in it. Additionally, be sure to check that the size is not too small and restrictive or too wide and bulky.

How to Roll a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags when properly packed take up very little space. For anyone unfamiliar with exactly how to roll a sleeping bag so it fits back in it’s carry bag this video has tips on the correct procedure to ensure it fits.

Final thoughts on the Best Sleeping Bag 2021

That’s pretty much all you need to know when buying sleeping bags. When you head out to buy the best sleeping bag, first determine whom you’re buying for, the conditions under which it will be used, season, materials, shape and designs and personal preferences.

Weigh all the pros and cons of each design before you make your final decision. Remember, the best sleeping bag can serve you for years if you choose the right one and maintain it appropriately.

As promised, in our sleeping bag recommendations we’ve tried to include different sleeping bags with varying designs, materials, colours, sizes and price range. We even managed to sneak in the double size sleeping bag for those who would like to experience the outdoors as a couple. Most sleeping bags range from $50 to $500 depending on the features, brand, and quality.

If you like any of the sleeping bags listed here, feel free to click through, learn more about it. Whether your taking that trip in your own backyard or heading out camping in New South Wales you’re sure to find the right sleeping bag to suit your travel style.


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Best Sleeping Bags

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