Vivo bene Village – Health and Wellness Retreat – Thailand

We visited Vivo bene Village during our tour of Northern Thailand with Lanna Long-Stay. We were impressed by the tranquil beauty of this MedResort, Health and Wellness Retreat.

We returned to take a more in depth look at the range of treatments, activities and programs on offer and were inspired by what we found.

Health and wellness retreat

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What is Vivo bene Village?

Vivo bene Village is a Swiss managed MedResort. A MedResort is a combination of first class resort and professionally managed health and wellness retreat.

It was awarded the five star “Long Stay Standard” accreditation from Thailand’s Department of Tourism in 2016. An award that requires exceptionally high operational standards and advanced levels of guest care.

Vivo bene Villa
Relax and unwind in a Vivo bene Villa

Where is Vivo bene Village – Health and Wellness Retreat?

The resort is located at Doi Saket in a peaceful rural setting of rice fields, small villages. Close by is the spectacular Wat Phrathat Doi Saket temple and golden Buddha that looks down over the valley. Doi Saket is 18 kilometres (12 miles) from the city centre of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai run daily.

Why stay at Vivo bene Village?

In this day and age, we experience life at a hectic pace, leading to stress and fatigue that impact on our physical and mental health. The peaceful, calming setting is ideal for anyone looking for a getaway retreat rather than a busy holiday hotel.

Vivo bene lake
Calm tranquil setting of Vivo bene Village.


The perfect place to come to get away from the rat race and de-stress. Vivo bene believe in the Holistic approach to health, that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs should be met before you can achieve true wellness.

Relaxation therapies such as yoga, meditation and massage are available, weight loss and detox diets can be arranged on request by Vivo bene’s own qualified nutritionist. The resort employs multi lingual staff and is wheelchair accessible.

Vivo bene Village massage room
Vivo bene Village massage room

Post-Surgery care

Thailand is a popular destination for Medical Tourism. Chiang Mai’s reputation for outstanding medical facilities, low cost medical treatment and English speaking medical staff make it the perfect destination for Cosmetic and Elective surgery.

Vivo bene Village is the ideal resort for post-surgery care. As a MedResort, Vivo bene’s trained occupational therapists and nursing staff are here to reassure and care for guests during recovery, while guests enjoy all the facilities of a first class resort.

Special needs care

The resort caters to families who have loved ones with disabilities or are elderly. The resort allows the family to enjoy their holiday while knowing their loved ones have care and respite options if needed.

Care providers

Onsite are a team of medically qualified carers. They can provide levels of care ranging from simple assistance such as getting dressed, up to 24-hour assistance. These services are supervised by Dr. Kannika Phornphutkul, Professor Emeritus and Vice President of Rajavej Hospital, and Doris Knecht, Vivo bene’s Head of Care. The Village also maintains close links with local hospitals, clinics and other health-related facilities.

Vivo bene Village activities

Your stay can be as quiet or busy you want. For those who like it quiet you can be pampered with a massage in the Wellness Centre or have all your beauty needs met at the Beauty Salon.

The grounds are a peaceful haven of tropical greenery. The picturesque lakeside pavilion is the perfect place to welcome in a new day and with a yoga class, Vivo bene Village is your yoga retreat in Thailand.

Vivo bene Village Lake
Tranquil beauty of Vivo bene Village.

Take a meditation class, or for a more authentic Thai experience, join the female monks at the Buddhist Monastery to learn the art of meditation. For those curious to learn more about the Buddhist religion, Tuesday afternoons are set aside for Buddhist philosophy.

Get active with a bike ride, swim, work out in the gym or play a game of Petanque, a French game made popular by Thailand’s Queen Mother. Take the shuttlebus into Chiang Mai and discover why people keep coming back to this dynamic city. Join in the excursions or maybe play a round of golf at the Highlands Club.

Learn to cook Thai food! Thailand’s cuisine is world famous and at Vivo bene Village you have the choice of learning to cook Thai dishes in Vivo bene’s own kitchen or take a Thai home cooking class, and get to experience cooking in a local Thai home.

Or simply sit on the pool deck, re-charge your batteries and enjoy the range of sumptuous dishes and wine at Rossli Restaurant or try delicious pastries, cakes and bread from Vivo Bene Villages own Bakery.

Vivo bene Village bakery
Mouth watering cakes, pastries, and crusty homemade bread at Vivo bene Village bakery

Resort accommodation

Built in Northern Thailand’s Lanna style. The Village is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and has two styles of accommodation, Pavilions and Villas.

Pavilions are light, airy and tastefully decorated. Features include desk, cable TV channels, safe, free WiFi, and a common area kitchen with espresso machine.

Vivo bene Pavilion Room
Vivo bene Village Pavilion Room.

Villas are beautifully decorated in traditional Lanna style and have a terrace with views overlooking the lake. The Villa has a sitting area, desk, widescreen satellite TV, tea and coffee making facilities, rain shower and free WiFi.

Vivo bene Villa Room
Vivo bene Village Villa Room

Resort facilities

Facilities include a swimming pool (disabled friendly), games room, shop and clubhouse. The Wellness Centre features hairdresser and beauty salon, massage, meditation, exercise and fitness rooms.

Vivo bene Viilage Pool
Vivo bene Viilage pool and grounds.

Restaurant and bakery

The Rossli Restaurant serves delicious top quality dishes with an emphasis on Swiss/Thai cuisines, all enhanced by organic vegetables grown in Vivo bene’s own garden. You can either dine indoors or relax on the outdoor terrace and dine while overlooking the pool and gardens. The Bakery sells mouth-watering cakes, sandwiches and crusty home style bread to die for.

Rossli Swiss Restaurant
Fine dining at the Rossli Swiss Restaurant.

Shuttle bus services

Free shuttlebus services to Chiang Mai depart three times daily stopping off at Chiang Mai’s famous Night Market and Thapae Gate, the main gate into Chiang Mai’s moated Old Town. A wide variety of sightseeing and excursions can be arranged for you to discover the arts, culture and natural beauty of Chiang Mai and the surrounding area.

Stay at Vivo bene Village

For a relaxing getaway in a first class resort, with on site fine dining restaurant serving international and Asian cuisines and attractive health and wellness options we recommend Vivo bene Village. Check out the latest prices and more details.

Vivo bene Village Last Words

Like Vivo bene Village, I believe in the benefits of holistic approach to health. Taking care of the mind body and soul is not only about wellness but medical prevention, the path to leading a long healthy, well-balanced life.

We have endured some extremely stressful years and understand how harmful stress can be to your well-being. Vivo bene Village offer you the tools to fight stress through meditation, yoga, massage, exercise and diet, while enjoying all the benefits of a first-class resort in one of the most exciting destinations in Thailand.

Vivo bene Village post-surgery care offers a private, welcoming atmosphere in which to recover. Relaxation activities and diet promote a speedy recovery while occupational therapists and nursing staff assist with post-surgery care.

Coming from a Disability career background I am very proud of Vivo bene Village special needs care. This health and wellness retreat allows families to enjoy a holiday together in a beautiful resort, while having the care and respite options needed. An opportunity to discover one of the most fascinating areas of Thailand.

Vivo bene Village - Health and Wellness Retreat - Thailand

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  1. I am afraid if I stay here I might never want to leave. It is gorgeous. I love that they assist with special care needs too. So many people don’t travel because there aren’t the facilities or services that they need away from home.

  2. Alan Cuthbertson

    Hello Audrey,
    Those were my thoughts exactly from the moment I first saw Vivo bene Village. Yes, the special needs care gives a level of freedom and can be life changing to those who need it. We had lunch in the restaurant and the food and menu choice was first class. Great to hear from a like minded person, thank you for your comment :).

  3. What a beautiful place to relax and unwind! Life is so stressful that you need to find places like this take a break and get that much needed massage.

  4. Rosalind Cuthbertson

    Thank you it’s a lovely Wellness Retreat. The perfect place to unwind and relax.

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