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see more of Asia for free

How to see more of Asia for free

Where to next as we see more of Asia for free. Our initial plans for June and July had us with one goal in mind which was how to see more of Asia for free. We will go a long way to achieving that goal and most of the accommodation during this upcoming trip will

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How to Pack a Suitcase for Travel

How to Pack a Suitcase for Travel

How to Pack a Suitcase for Travel Efficiently. Like many women, I used to agonise over what to pack when travelling, adding item after item because “You might not know when you might need it” only to find that you didn’t need the eight pairs of shoes or that gaudy purple lurex top that’s been

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5 Days in Chiang Mai

How to spend 5 Days in Chiang Mai Thailand

What to do during 5 Days in Chiang Mai Thailand. We have been living in Chiang Mai for a while now and when visitors ask what to see and do these are some of our suggestions for 5 Days in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a city where the ancient and modern coexist in harmony.

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House Sitting

House Sitting a Way to See the World

House Sitting around the World If you have ever had the dream of travelling the world but found that accommodation costs are too expensive, why not give House Sitting a try. Over the past 10 years we have been fortunate enough to be able travel the world. While working we would save our pennies all

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The Black Isle

The Black Isle of Scotland

The Black Isle The Black Isle is situated near Inverness, the ‘Capital of the Highlands’ in Northern Scotland. Contrary to its name the Black Isle is not an island but a peninsula. The Cromarty, Moray and Beauly Firths frame the majestic scenery of this vast wedge of land. We were fortunate to be House Sitting in an

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Days at Sea Discovering Santorini

Days at Sea Santorini Cruise Port

Santorini Cruise Port during our Days at Sea Like many people the island of Santorini in Greece has always been on my bucket list. During our MSC cruise from Venice  we enjoyed Discovering the Santorini Cruise Port. Santorini is renowned for it’s iconic blue and white painted churches and the ancient Minoan settlement of Akrotiri,

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Days at Sea Venice Cruise

Days at Sea Venice Cruise Port

Venice Cruise Port – Our Venice visit We embarked on our Venice Cruise Port adventure by booking a MSC Cruise through MSC Cruise’s Australian website. We have booked two cruises through this website and have found it very easy to navigate with good telephone support if you have any queries. MSC cruises often have special offers and on

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South American Escapade

Santiago Chile our South American Escapade

Our South American Escapade started in Santiago Chile After a 16-hour LAN flight from Sydney Australia to Santiago Chile we landed at Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport the start of our South American Escapade. As Australians we were required to pay a “reciprocity fee” on arrival, we didn’t have to go far before we found

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