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Chiang Mai Wat

Living in Chiang Mai – Helpful Hints

Advice for Anyone Considering Living in Chiang Mai When we decided to come and live in Chiang Mai Thailand we didn’t realise how popular this city was with Westerners. We were also surprised at the number of people living in Chiang Mai for 3 months, 6 months or years. We have used Chiang Mai as

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Vespas in Rome

Places to Visit in Rome and Genoa

There are many places to visit in Rome, it is a city filled with tourist attractions, more than any other city I have visited. Along with its reputation for romance Rome is one of the top destinations in Europe. I love Rome’s tourist attractions, but make sure you leave time to “live” in Rome. Exploring

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Going Places – Travel Accessories

Our travel journeys have taken to us to many counties and cultures, and we are constantly trying to pack just the correct travel items to make travelling the world easier without adding too much weight. As a husband and wife team with slightly different needs our travel packing accessories vary. Men and women tend to

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World Journeys

Travel Memories – World Journeys

World Journeys to Remember It was always going to be a big year for us, we had an around the world trip planned, which included some of our most dreamed about destinations. Little did we know just how much bigger it was going to get. Here are the highlights of our world journeys. Planning our World

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Ageless Travel

Ageless Travel – Times Change

The Changing Times of Travel – Ageless Travel Since we have been travelling we have met many interesting young travellers who are surprised and delighted that we are travelling and living in a foreign country at our “age”. This in turn surprises me because firstly I always forget that I am this age and secondly

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Berlin Altes Museum

Things to Do in Berlin

Our favourite things to do in Berlin Though many people come to Berlin to satisfy their curiosity for the history of WWII and the Cold War, you will also find a city of cultured refinement this is reflected in the classical buildings and parks. Berlin has always had the reputation of being an artistic city where

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Alan with Lantern

Best Time to Visit Chiang Mai Thailand

We spend most of the year living in Chiang Mai Thailand enjoying a relaxed lifestyle. I’m often asked “When is the best time to go to Chiang Mai?” I always reply, “Between November and February!” These months coincide with high season, a time where tourists from all over the world flock to Chiang Mai to sample

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