July Carry On Luggage Review

Travel has been our lifestyle for many years and during that time we have tested our fair share of travel products, such as suitcases of all sizes, backpacks, duffle bags and carry on luggage, from many of the leading travel product manufacturers. We have been through airports worldwide and one item almost all travellers use in one form or another is carry on luggage.

We have come to learn that choosing the right carry on is so important to maximise the allocated weight and size restrictions. The right carry on will also ensure your personal items are easily accessible during travel and in good condition when you arrive at your destination.

If you are looking for a new carry on one product you should consider is the JULY carry on luggage range. These stylish and functional cases not only look great but are also well designed and engineered to last the distance no matter what your style of travel.

JULY Carry On Luggage Review

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Buy JULY Luggage

JULY is a luggage and travel accessories company that have created a range of sustainable longer lasting luggage that is built to last a lifetime and reduce the cycle of single use. They sell direct to the consumer and are based in Victoria Australia.

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The ever-increasing range of products from JULY include Suitcases, Backpacks, Packing cells, Tote bags, carry on luggage and the popular All Weekender Duffle Bag.

JULY Luggage review unboxing and first impressions

From the moment our carry on luggage arrived we could tell this is a company that is serious in reducing single use packaging and plastic waste. The case was delivered in a sturdy cardboard box and upon opening you find that the suitcase is packed in a cloth drawstring reusable bag, with no plastic packaging. It may seem a small thing, but we have seen firsthand the environmental impact single use packaging is having worldwide and we fully support companies that are actively trying to reduce waste.  

Unboxing JULY carry On
No plastic packaging

When purchasing a JULY carry on you can choose from a selection of 9 different colours, we chose the Burgundy. You can also personalise if further by choosing to have lettering of your choice printed on the case which is available in a range of typesets and colours. The personalised lettering is available across the entire range of JULY luggage and is a great way to put your own personal stamp on your bag.

The carry on is a hard case design, with a durable crush-proof German polycarbonate shell and anodised aluminium bumpers. It has a capacity of 46 litres in volume and measures 55cm High x 38cm Wide x 22cm deep.

Although designed as carry on, the luggage is perfect for any style of travel and we have been using it during our road trip throughout regional Queensland Australia. When we fly again, we will definitely be taking it with us.

Ros with her JULY Bag
Ros with the JULY Carry On

Features of the JULY Carry On

It is easy to tell that a lot of thought as gone into the design of the JULY Carry On luggage by including under the telescopic handle an ejectable battery power bank. Such a great feature. The battery pack has USB and USB-C ports that allow you to charge your smart devices and is hidden under the telescopic handle. Perfect for charging devices on the go. The other innovative feature is a hidden stain-proof laundry bag. The bag rolls up when not in use and attaches to a clip inside the case.

Removable battery pack
Removable battery pack

Internally the case has a zippered storage area along with a Y-Strap compression system to secure the contents.

The case also has an Integrated TSA combination lock and the internal design includes sturdy straps for securing your items and a separate zippered storage area. It has four dual wheels and glides perfectly across surfaces. We are super impressed just how easy it is to manoeuvre the case.

The wheels of cases are often taken for granted when buying carry on luggage, but they are one thing that when they fail cause a lot of pain. JULY have designed their own wheels which are used across the range of JULY bags and are designed to last.

JULY Carry On internal
Storage area of the JULY Carry On

Cost of the JULY carry on

Like all quality products you normally get what you pay for. During our travels we have used many cheap suitcases and some that were not so cheap. It is fair to say the higher cost good quality luggage with quality construction have in general lasted much longer and we are confident that our Carry on from JULY will last us for many years of travel.

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The July Carry on is a quality product designed to last and competitively priced. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty on manufacturing faults. July are so confident you will like their bags they also offer a 100-day trial.

Specifications of the JULY Carry On


The hard-shell case is made from polycarbonate and has anodised aluminium bumpers. Internally it has a stain-proof and water-resistant nylon lining.

Main features:

Adjustable telescopic handle.

Removable power bank with cables.

Range of colours to choose from.

Integrated combination TSA lock.

Stain resistant laundry bag.

SilentMoveTM wheels.

free shipping within Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore and 100 day free trial.

lifetime warranty on manufacturing faults.

Charging from the Carry On
Handy charging ports

Would we recommend the JULY Carry On Luggage?

Yes, we would. If you are looking for a well-made carry on case that is engineered to last, then the carry on from JULY is hard to beat. We are pleasantly surprised by the quality and will be including this JULY suitcase in our must have travel items along with our other products that we have come to rely on during our travels.

Check here for the latest JULY Carry On pricing

You can also find more information on the entire range of products at the official JULY website.

JULY also has an alternative lightweight carry-on which is slightly smaller and is the worlds lightest carry-on. You can read our review about it here.

Disclaimer: We were kindly provided with a Carry On to sample. However as usual, all opinions are our own.


JULY Luggage Review
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July Carry On Luggage Review

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