Day Trips from Chiang Mai – Mon Jam (Mon Cham)

Many people visiting Chiang Mai Thailand enjoy the splendour of Chiang Mai temples (Wat), culture, food, nightlife and markets, all the excitement that this city has to offer.

If you are looking for Chiang Mai day tours, then just outside of Chiang Mai you will find attractions and areas of natural beauty. Taking day trips from Chiang Mai is a must for visitors to the city. Here are some of the best things to do in Chiang Mai region.

Day Trips from Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai tours to Mon Jam

Keen to discover nearby Chiang Mai attractions, we hired a minivan from Chiang Mai to Mon Jam (or Mon Cham Chiang Mai – Mae Rim district). We found it the best option for our group of 11 friends and it allowed us to all sit back, relax and watch the changing landscape as our driver whisked us up the highway to the north of the city.


We were spending the day at the Maesa Elephant Camp, stopping off at Mon Jam in the mountains for lunch and having an adventure at the Pongyang Zipline and Jungle Coaster, which is also known as the Monjam Zipline Chiang Mai. It was to become one of our best day trips from Chiang Mai.

Destinations in the Mae Rim District

We left the city behind and eventually turned off the highway and drove on roads shaded by the lush tropical vegetation, passing small communities along the way.

We drove past other Chiang Mai tourist attractions that included The Tiger Kingdom, Elephant Poopoopaper Park, Bai Orchid & Butterfly Farm, Queen Sirikit botanic garden and the Maesa Snake Farm.

Seeing signs pointing to the Siam Insect Zoo, Maesa Waterfalls and the Doi Suthep – Doi Pui National Park, made it clear that we would need to plan more day trips to visit these attractions.

Soon we arrived at the first destination of the day, the Maesa Elephant Camp.

Maesa Elephant Camp

The park is in a beautiful setting, a stream cascades over rocks and the area was shaded by thick forest.

Maesa Elephant Camp
Maesa Elephant Camp stream

We were just in time for the Elephant show and from the time they walked into the showground, we were in love.

The elephants entertained us with a musical talent show and dancing, here we discovered their different characters, from comedian to show off they were so much fun to watch.

We watched an elephant football game, the lovable antics of the dart game and Thai massage elephant style.

My favourite part of the show was when the elephants showed their artistic side and painted colourful pictures, proving that they are one of the cleverest animals on the planet.

We got to see a more serious side when the elephants showed us how they do their job. They hauled heavy logs with such ease you would think they were matchsticks. They worked as a team loading the logs into place with their tusks. You got the feeling that they were proud of the work they were doing.

After the show, we got to meet the elephants. I got to pat the trunk of the most majestic elephant I have ever seen, his tusks were long, white and gleaming. I felt so angry that there are people in the World wanting to kill these beautiful beasts for their tusks.

Maesa Elephant Camp
A handsome Elephant with long tusks.

We walked on to a different part of the camp where I had the opportunity to feed two elephants. Elephants are hungry creatures, they gobbled a bunch or bananas and sugar cane in two seconds flat. Other activities at the camp are the Elephant Nursery, The Elephant Bathing and the Mahout Training Course.

One thing I did notice while watching the Mahout and elephants joke and play, was the love and mutual respect they have for each other.

The Nong Hoi Royal Project

We passed Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens and the Nong Hoi Royal Project.

The Nong Hoi Royal Project was set up by Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej as an alternative to the opium poppy crops that were formerly grown there.

Just one of the many Royal Projects introduced by the King, the Nong Hoi Royal Project is now one of the largest producers of vegetables for the Royal Project marketing division. The crops from the  Royal Projects Chiang Mai area include vegetables, herbs, strawberries, grapes and plums.

The Royal Projects also produce a delicious Buffalo Feta and Buffalo Feta in oil and sundried tomato, I have used both at home in salads or pasta.

Royal Project Buffalo Feta Cheese
Royal Project Buffalo Feta Cheese

Mon Jam tour

We followed the twists and turns of the steep mountain road up to Mon Jam lookout. Tight corners plunged down into deep fertile valleys where farmhouses dotted the landscape.

Arriving at Mon Jam Village, we walked up the hill passing stalls selling traditional crafts, clothing and fresh vegetables.

Fresh fruit and vegetables Mon Jam
Fresh fruit and vegetables Mon Jam

At the top, we looked out over spectacular views stretched out to the horizon. Terraced vegetable gardens dropped down into the valley and the air cooled as clouds drifted in and shroud the mountain in front of us.

Families and friends picnicked and relaxed in the small huts that frame the mountain rim. Children wearing colourful traditional clothing, laughed and played amongst the flowers.

Mon Jam Terraced Gardens
Mon Jam terraced garden farms
Mon Jam Lookout
Clouds rolling in over the mountains at Mon Jam Lookout
Children at Mon Jam
Children in traditional dress at Mon Jam

Lunch in Mon Jam

Our restaurant was across the valley from Mon Jam lookout. As we took our place on the veranda we were met with sweeping views of the villages and farms.

Our restaurant was Thai and seldom frequented by foreigners, everything was written Thai so I can’t even tell you the name of the restaurant but the staff were lovely and helpful.

The food was delicious, we shared a hotpot dish called Moo Kata. Moo Kata is made by adding different vegetables and noodles to stock. A variety of meat is cooked on a barbeque plate in the middle of the stock. The juices of the meat flavour the stock which is added to small bowls of spicy sauce, it is a flavour burst which is addictive.

Moo Kata
Delicious Moo Kata
Our daughter enjoying the sunflowers at Mon Jam

After an enjoyable lunch, we went for a walk in the sunflower field a fitting end to an enjoyable morning.

If you would like spend a few extra days to exploring the beautiful Mae Rim area, you will find a range of hotel and resort style hotels, including Mon Cham camping resort.

Where to stay in Mae Rim

The Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

The Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is one of Chiang Mai’s best hotels and has a reputation for style and luxury and is our top pick for Hotels in Mae Rim.

Set amid lush tropical vegetation, paddy fields and ponds, The Four Seasons Chiang Mai looks like a traditional Thai village. The sun through the early morning mist, welcomes a new days as you wake to sweeping views overlooking the mountains and gardens from your private terrace.

Four Seasons Chiang Mai
Photo Credit: Four Seasons Hotel Chiang Mai

Relax and unwind with a spa treatment, join a Thai cookery class or splash into your own private pool at this top Mon Cham Resort. The choice is yours when you enter this world of luxury.

Pongyang Zipline and Jungle Coaster

Next stop was the Pongyang zipline and jungle coaster. Pongyang is a wonderland, set high in the forest canopy of some of the tallest trees I have ever seen. This is a beautiful place with cascading waterfalls and lush greenery.

The area has 37 platforms, 2 spiral staircases, 4 sky bridges, 3 ladders and 17 ziplines. Activities include abseiling, sky skateboard, sky tricycle and jungle coaster. Our group tried out the jungle coaster, this zippy ride was a lot of fun and a fitting end to a perfect day.

Sky Tricycle at Pongyang Zipline
Sky Tricycle at Pongyang Zipline and Jungle Coaster

Transport options for Day Trips from Chiang Mai

Booking excursions from Chiang Mai couldn’t be easier, you can take a Chiang Mai tour, hire a songthaew or a minivan and driver like we did. If you are going in a group, hiring a minivan and driver is a good option as the cost can be split amongst the group. Tours from Chiang Mai can be booked through most of Chiang Mai’s Hotels.

Day tours Chiang Mai to Mon Cham offer so much for any visitor to Chiang Mai, and we highly recommend you take the time to explore this beautiful part of Thailand.

You may also be interested in our Ultimate Guide to Chiang Mai which has attractions, Things to do and see and where to stay during your visit to Chiang Mai.

Have you done any day trips from Chiang Mai? What was your favourite  Chiang Mai or Mae Rim attraction? If so feel free to leave a comment.


Best Day Trips from Chiang Mai. Day trips to Mon Jam. Day trips to Mon Cham. #monjam #moncham #maerim
Chiang Mai best day trips. Day trips to Mon Jam. Day trips to Mon Cham. Mae Rim #monjam #moncham #maerim

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  1. Trudy McKnight

    Hi Rosalind and Alan,

    Mon Jam is at the top of my list of favorite places in this area. We went there at the recommendation of the resort owner at the first place we stayed here Mae Rim. He said it was where Thais liked to visit when they could. We had a meal at a restaurant up at Mon Jam, where a Thai family sat down with us and began to share their food with us. We met the friendly young man of the family, who I am now Face Book friends with!
    We went back with visiting friends, and my artistic friend took beautiful pictures of us in a spectacular setting, with the sunflowers, terraced plantings, and gorgeous flowers.
    We did go for tea at the Four Seasons. it was delicious and I highly recommend it. Probably the least expensive option for eating there. That setting and view was beautiful, as well.
    We also made it to Doi Inthanon. It was a rainy day, and it reminded us Seattleites of home. We had to put on our jackets – brrr….. and bring out the umbrellas. I plan to return after the rainy season and see what we missed, although we did make it to the temple and the top, where we saw a map showing that we were actually in the Himalayan mountain chain!

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