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Best pet carrier 2020

Best Cat Carrier 2020 – Travel with Pets

During our travels we often use house and pet sitting as a one of the ways to see the world, this saves on accommodation costs and allows us to enjoy pet company, something we miss while travelling. Many of our house sits involve looking after cats and one topic of conversation we have had many

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Best Zipperless Suitcase

Best Zipperless Luggage Review

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Zipperless Luggage 2020 For anyone that travels one of the main concerns is security of your personal items. Your carry bags can easily be secured with the help of anti theft bags but what about tampering of your suitcase when it’s not in view? Airport luggage security systems

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Best Windproof Umbrella

Hedgehog Windproof Umbrella Review

As full time travellers for over 4 years, we are often asked our opinion on various travel related products. From backpacks to towels and travel pillows we have tried many accessories and enjoy putting these items to the test. Our travels have taken us throughout Asia, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Americas and India and

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Best Plus Size Cruise Wear

Best Plus Size Women’s Cruise Wear

So, you’ve booked a cruise! You are about to embark on one of the most exciting vacation adventures. From the moment you step on board its time join in fun activities whether it be the formal glitz and glamour of the Captains cocktail party, learning the latest dancing moves in the professional dance classes, relaxing

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Best Luggage Set 2019

Ultimate Guide to Best Luggage Sets 2019

Buying the best luggage set helps you to travel at will on any occasion. Your options are limitless, from 2 piece carry–on sets for a weekend escape to 5 piece luggage sets for a long holiday. The luggage sets are also available in soft-sided or hard-sided, two wheel or four wheel, and business professional or

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Best Travel Iron 2019

Best Travel Iron Reviews 2019

A Travel Iron is one item many people ensure they pack to make that trip easier, as not all hotels provide ironing facilities. Deciding what is the best travel iron for you can be difficult. There are many brands to choose from and not all types will suit everyone. Click here to see the Best

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Choosing the best camers straps

Best Camera Strap 2019

Most photographers never use the strap supplied with their cameras. I personally don’t either. These straps are often weak with little consideration to style and comfort. What you may not notice is that most of these straps are just meant to advertise the manufacturers camera with no actual benefit to you. So if your strap

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Going Places – Travel Accessories

Our travel journeys have taken to us to many counties and cultures, and we are constantly trying to pack just the correct travel items to make travelling the world easier without adding too much weight. As a husband and wife team with slightly different needs our travel packing accessories vary. Men and women tend to

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