Best Travel Iron Reviews 2019

A Travel Iron is one item many people ensure they pack to make that trip easier, as not all hotels provide ironing facilities. Deciding what is the best travel iron for you can be difficult. There are many brands to choose from and not all types will suit everyone.

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Many people may have tried travel irons in the past and been unhappy with the results, but they have come a long way and the modern travel irons are designed to be light, portable, and provide good quality service, in a light and compact format ideal for travel. While the lightest travel iron may be appealing to save space and certainty needs be  a consideration when choosing an iron, you also need to check it has the features your looking for and our handy guide will hopefully answer your questions.

Are you interested in selecting the best travel iron for your needs? Read our guide below with travel iron reviews to help you decide what is the best travel iron for you.

Best Travel Iron 2019

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Best Travel Iron Reviews comparison chart 2019.

Finding the best travel iron to suit your needs can be hard. To help you choose, we’ve listed the best 2019 travel iron’s available for easy comparison along with the main options they provide. To sort the table, click the column heading.

Travel Iron Name Image Feature Item Prices Rating     1-5
 Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron    15 Second heating  View  4.8
 Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot 800 Watt Compact Travel Iron    Shot of steam feature  View  4.7
 BLACK+DECKER F210 Steam Iron with Nonstick Soleplate     360 Pivot cord  View  4.3
 Eureka Voyage Compact and Durable Travel Iron Steam Blast    Folding handle  View  4.7
 Small Mini Iron – by lvation    15 Second heating  View  4.6
 Hamilton Beach Travel Iron with Steam   Continuous steaming  View  4.6
 SMAGREHO Dual Voltage Compact Design Home-and-Away     Scorch saving mesh  pressing pad  View  4.6
Rowenta Travel-Ready 1000-Watt Steam Iron    200 hole microsteam soleplate  View  4.8

Why do you need a Travel Iron?

Anyone travelling can relate to that time when you arrive at your destination, unpack, and discover that your garments are crushed and in need of an iron.  A travel iron provides you with the ability to keep you looking your best when travelling. To read our guide on packing a suitcase Click Here.

What is the best type of Travel Iron for your needs?

One of the main attributes for a travel iron is that is needs to be lightweight. It also need to be as compact as possible and of course able to perform reasonably well. Naturally you won’t get the same level of performance as you would expect from a regular home iron, but that’s not to say that these irons don’t perform well. Some of the leading brand irons perform very well indeed and are a close match to the larger irons.

How much space in my suitcase will a compact travel Iron take up?

Luggage space is always a major concern during travels, therefore you need to ensure the travel iron is as compact as possible. Especially if you travel light with only carry-on luggage. Fortunately, modern travel irons are a far cry from the irons of the past, and some leading manufactures offer designs that are able to fold. Which greatly reduces space.

Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron Review

The Steamfast home and away steam iron is one of the best irons on the market and is a top seller on Amazon. It is 420 watt travel steam iron that can remove wrinkles from almost any fabric. It heats up very fast approximately 15 seconds and has a 1.4 ounce water tank. The base plate is non-stick.

It has 1 touch steam control and dual voltage which for convenience when travelling to different countries. It is compact measuring approximately 5.2 x 3 x 3.1 inches.

A good choice in travel irons and the iron we have. We purchased it during our travels and it has performed well to date

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Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot 800 Watt Compact Non-Stick Soleplate Travel Iron Review

This non-stick iron is compact design and offers 800 Watt dual voltage and has soft touch handle and dial for extra comfort.

It has an indicator light so you know when the iron is ready and the shot of steam feature presses out creases and wrinkles.

Also has variable temperature heat setting controls for different types of fabric.

Small portable iron which is both compact and lightweight.

Click here for more information reviews and the latest prices of the Sunbeam Hot 2 Trot 800 Watt Compact Travel Iron


BLACK+DECKER F210 Steam Iron with Nonstick Sole-plate Review

This iron is a top seller on Amazon online store. It has a non-stick sole-plate and glides easily over all types of fabric.

A fabric guide is printed on the water tank which shows the correct heat setting for different fabric types.

The water tank is transparent so you can easily know when it needs refilling.  A spray mist button, variable steam setting and pivot cord for ironing at any angle.

Top seller and no fuss choice.

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Eureka Voyage Compact and Durable Travel Iron Steam Blast Review

This stylish modern designed Travel Iron has Nano ceramic shield-even heat distribution that has no static cling while ironing.The handle is fold-able and non-slip and folds to save precious space.

It has steam surge for burst of steam and also vertical steam blast while in an upright position. Dual voltage for use anywhere in the world.

A modern stylish designed iron with compact design.

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Small Mini Iron – By Lvation Review

The lavation Small Mini Iron offers compact design and dual voltage. It hats in 15 seconds and has non-stick sole-plate for dry and steam ironing.

It has 3 heat settings and is a 420 Watt iron. The power cord is an extra-long 7.5 feet and wraps around the iron for space saving storage.

It also has anti-drip design to prevent skin burns and water stains.

A very stylish modern iron with handy extra long cord and safety features.

Click here for more information reviews and the latest prices from of the Small Mini Iron by Lvation


Hamilton Beach Travel Iron with Steam Review

The Hamilton Beach Travel iron is an 800 Watt dual voltage iron with a Stainless Steel sole-plate.

The water capacity is 70ml and it has a steam rate of 9 grams per minute.

Offering continuous steam function, it is ready to steam in one minute.

The iron comes with a pouch and a handy fabric attachment.

A popular travel iron that is both stylish, well designed and includes handy travel pouch.

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SMAGREHO Dual Voltage Compact Design Travel Mini Review

The SMAGREHO travel iron is modern and with a very stylish design.

This 420 Watt portable steam iron removes wrinkles from almost any fabric and the 1.4 once water tank heats in an impressive 15 seconds.

It has a non-stick soleplate. Is dual voltage and comes with measuring cup, protective ironing scorch saving mesh pressing pad and travel bag.

Very popular iron with many features and very stylish.

Click here for more information reviews and the latest prices of the SMAGREHO dual voltage travel mini iron


Rowenta Travel-Ready Compact Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate Review

The Rowenta Compact Steam Iron features a Stainless Steel 200 hole microsteam sole-plate and is dual voltage.

It is a 1000 Watt iron and has adjustable steam option with consistent steam and burst of steam button.

It also has 2-ounce transparent water tank with vertical steam option. The handle folds flat and it comes with a handy travel pouch.

This iron has attractive design and is a best seller.

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Top 3 Travel Irons Comparison

Travel Iron Name Pro’s Price
 Rowenta Travel-Ready 1000-Watt Steam Iron 1000 – watt

Stainless Steel Baseplate

Vertical Steam Option

Handle folds flat

Zippered Travel Pouch

1 Year Warranty

 View it
 Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron Very fast heat 15 Sec

Controls well positioned

Non-slip surface

Includes travel bag

Cord wraps around Iron

 View it
 Eureka Voyage Compact and Durable Travel Iron  Handle folds for storage

Burst of steam feature

Non-slip surface

Includes heatproof bag

Long power cord

View it


Price comparison chart for the best travel irons.

Our Choice the Steamfast SF-717 Home & Away Steam Iron.

When choosing a Travel Iron, personal choice will ultimately decide which brand is best depending on what you consider more important options.  We are highly pleased with our purchase of the Steamfast Mini Steam Iron.

Our second choice was the Rowenta DA1560.  It has a stainless steel baseplate, is 1000-watt and also very popular. In the end we decided to go with the Steamfast as it suited our requirements.

We recommend it to anyone that needs a lightweight good performance iron while travelling.

What we like about this Iron.

Iron Shape – Although small and compact we find it feels solid while using and being compact is easy to pack and doesn’t have much noticeable effect on luggage weight.

Baseplate – It has a non-stick coating which we find performs well when ironing. It’s obviously small but that’s the whole purpose and ironing does take a little longer. But this is the trade off with a travel iron. We don’t recommend using any hash abrasives to clean it to avoid scratching the base coating.

Steam feature – It’s not as powerful as our home iron but that’s to be expected in this type of iron. It works and will supply enough for that quick iron. Given the small size we are happy with the mount of steam it provides. Jeans take a little longer to smooth out wrinkles but thin shirts and skirts are no problem.

Water Capacity – it holds 40 ml of water and included instruction have a guide on cleaning it and we clean it on return from our trips for storage. Given that some water has different level of trace elements it will get a build up over time if not kept clean which will reduce the steam function but this is the case of all irons.

Voltage – The dual voltage feature is very handy and we have never had a problem using it to date in any country. Naturally you require a power adapter for depending on the plug design used in different countries.

Long Power Cord – As with most travel irons fortunately it has a long cord at about 10 feet which is useful as you never know where you may need to stretch out to find a suitable surface for ironing. We have had to be creative at times in small rooms.

Controls – Knobs are on the top with three settings. We use the highest setting for most fabrics but with silk or satin place a protective fabric between the iron and the garment to prevent scorching. We find the basic setting sufficient most times.

Indicator Lamp – This will come on when the iron is fully heated which takes less than a minute till it’s ready to use.

In summary we are happy with the Steamfast and found it to be the best travel steam iron for our needs.

If you’re ready to purchase the Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron click here.

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