5 Days in Hong Kong

Our love affair with Hong Kong started with my first visit in 1979 and Alan’s first visit in 1980. Since then Hong Kong has become one of our favourite destinations and we have returned many times. Though Hong Kong has seen many changes in that time it never fails to charm. Here are a few of our favourite things to do with 5 Days in Hong Kong.

5 days in Hong Kong

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What to do in Hong Kong in 5 days

The quickest and easiest way to get around Hong Kong is on the MTR. The MTR is Hong Kong’s metro/subway system. If you are staying a few days, I would suggest purchasing an Octopus card. You can buy an Octopus card from most stations and it saves you having to buy single journey tickets every time you want to use the MTR. The Octopus card can be used for such transport options as MTR, bus, ferry, trams and the Airport Express. The Octopus card can also be used to purchase items in selected shops.

The Peak Hong Kong

The view from the Peak during the day is stunning and no matter how many times I’ve seen it Victoria Peak still fills me with a sense of wonder. Visiting the Peak at night will leave you breathless, the beauty of the lights surrounding Victoria Harbour are spectacular and one of Hong Kong’s most iconic landscapes. Make your experience even more memorable by dining at one of the restaurants that take in this magnificent view.

Hong Kong by Night

Getting to the Peak

Most people will either take the Peak Tram or a taxi up to the Peak. I like to take the bus up to the Peak, number 15 bus leaves from Central Pier 5 or Exchange Square Central on Hong Kong Island. If you choose to take the bus option, make sure you give yourself plenty of time as the bus makes many stops. I like the bus because it is a window into everyday life in Hong Kong, you also get to experience some superb scenery from both sides of the Island.

5 Days in Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour and the Symphony of Lights

Victoria Harbour is full of life, busy with the traffic of ferry’s, barges, ships and even the odd old fashioned Chinese junk.

The best place to view the Harbour is from Kowloon, take a short walk past the Star Ferry Terminal and you will find Hong Kong Islands famous skyscrapers. The view of Victoria Harbour is always impressive but night is when the magic happens, the Harbour transforms into a wonderland of light and colour, then at 8 pm the Harbour comes alive with the Symphony of Lights a spectacular music and light show that can’t be missed.

Alan and Ros in Hong Kong

Getting to Victoria Harbour and the Symphony of Lights

MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui exit J6 or for a fun experience step back in time and take the Star Ferry to see more of this bustling Harbour. It’s hard to imagine that the Star Ferry was once the only mode of transport between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Star Ferry Hong Kong

The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

I will never forget the first time I saw the Big Buddha, I was sitting in the Ngong Ping Cable Car admiring the view of the mountain and lush vegetation below when suddenly the clouds parted and there in the distance was the Big Buddha, it was a very mystical experience.

Arriving at the Big Buddha you will find a vast complex which not only includes the Po Lin Monastery but restaurants and shops selling various items. Walk up the 268 steps to the Big Buddha and take in the views that surround the area. The Wisdom Path is one of the many walks you can do in this area.

At Tung Chung you will also find the Citygate Outlets Mall here you can shop for designer brands at discount prices, a great place to pick up a bargain. If you are hungry after a long day at the Big Buddha, stop in for a bite at Food Republic, a food court with many different Asian options. Taste Supermarket on the lower ground floor, is handy to pick up those last minute needs.

The Novotel Citygate Hong Kong Hotel is connected to the Citygate Outlet Mall and conveniently located near Hong Kong’s International Airport. We have stayed at this Hotel a few times when we have had early flights to catch. The Hotel is comfortable and the Staff very helpful (especially when I locked get my passport in the safe and accidently changed the code) with a free shuttle bus it makes getting to the Airport so easy.

Big Buddha Hong Kong

Getting to The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

The Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Citygate Outlets Mall and Novotel Citygate Hong Kong Hotel are on Lantau Island, to get there take the MTR to Tung Chung Station.

Repulse Bay and Stanley

I love going to Repulse Bay and Stanley, it’s a chance to get out into the countryside. Once out of the city you get to enjoy the lush greenery of Hong Kong’s sub-tropical climate. Travelling along the road, the landscape changes and sweeping views of Repulse Bay are suddenly revealed. Repulse Bay is popular for those who want to escape the city and relax on its beach, or enjoy the restaurants, bars and colourful statue of Buddha.

Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Stanley is famous for the Stanley Markets and definitely the place to go during 5 Days in Hong Kong. The Markets have a wonderful range of quality women’s clothing at great prices and in western sizing. I bought clothing from Stanley Market 4 years ago that I am still wearing today, comfortable and stylish they seem to last forever. You will also find curios, art, electronics, bags and linen shops.


Getting to Repulse and Stanley

To get to Repulse Bay and Stanley take a taxi or bus 6 or 260 from Exchange Square Central on Hong Kong Island. I like taking the bus and always try to get the front seats on the top deck, sit back and enjoy the ride. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time because the bus stops often along the route.

Mong Kok district

I love the Mong Kok area of Kowloon, a mix of new and old, it is full of shops selling electronics, jewellery and home to its famous Ladies Market on Tung Choi Street. Other Markets in the Mong Kok area are the Bird Market, Flower Market and Goldfish Markets. Mong Kok is full of small restaurants of varying cuisines. I just love to walk the streets and soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant area.

Getting to Mang Kok

To get to Mong Kok Ladies Market take the MTR to Mong Kok and take exit D2.

Mon Kok District

Jordan District

Jordan in Kowloon, is home to the Temple Street Night Markets. These nightly markets are just the place to find that Hong Kong souvenir you have been looking for, filled with t-shirts, Chinese trinkets, jewellery, bags and electronics it’s a fun place to visit. If you are hungry there are restaurants set up on the street or you can choose from the small restaurants scattered around the area. Jordan is another area where I just love to walk and people watch.

Getting to Jordan

Take the MTR to Jordan and follow the signs to Temple Street Market.

Temple Street food stalls

Hong Kong Mid-Levels

During our last 5 Days in Hong Kong we were fortunate enough to secure a house sit close to the Sai Ying Pun MTR station looking after 2 gorgeous cats. We have loved our stay here and our chance to live like a local. Looking out the window of the apartment I have glimpses of the Peak and the surrounding apartment blocks, it is everything I imagined it would be.

On Bonham Road there is a covered escalator and stairs that takes you down Centre Street. High Street runs off Centre Street and is full of little restaurants showcasing different cuisines. Metropolitain is a French restaurant that serves a delicious Lamb Navarin. U-Hang Restaurant is a delightful Korean Fusion Restaurant with delicious food a relaxed atmosphere and great staff.

As you continue down Centre Street you will come to Sai Ying Pun Wet Market, a great place to buy fresh seafood, the fruit and vegetable Market sells a huge range of fresh produce at reasonable prices. Centre Street is home to many small shops selling a variety of goods. If you continue to walk down Centre Street you will come to Des Voeux Rd West. This street is famous for selling dried goods, such as seafood, fungus, starfish and lizards on a stick, a fascinating street to visit.

Shop till you drop

5 days in Hong Kong Last Words

We have enjoyed our 5 Days in Hong Kong, we have reacquainted ourselves with some old favourites and discovered some new favourites.

We do feel very thankful for having the experience of living like a local and it is something we will always treasure, this is not our last trip to Hong Kong, once Hong Kong gets in your blood it’s hard to stay away. Thank you Hong Kong.

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