Macau Ferry from Hong Kong Airport

Catching the Macau Ferry from Hong Kong International Airport.

The Macau Ferry service from Hong Kong International Airport to Macau is for transfer passengers only, and not available for passengers originating in Hong Kong.

For those arriving on International flights, catching the Macau Ferry from Hong Kong International Airport couldn’t be easier, upon arrival follow the Macau Ferry Transfer signs to Transfer Area E2. Depending on what terminal your flight arrives at you may have to take the Skytrain to reach Transfer Area E2.

Once at Transfer Area E2 proceed to the Macau Ferry ticket desk, there is a choice of ferry companies and destinations. Destinations for Macau include Outer Harbour and Taipa. If you are unsure which destination, tell the ticket seller what hotel you are going to and he will advise you of your destination.

Macau Ferry tickets can be purchased with credit card or cash; ATM’s are available in the Transfer Area. Macau has its own currency but the Hong Kong Dollar is accepted as well. When purchasing items with Hong Kong Dollars you may get change in Macau Pataca (MOP), be aware that the Macau Pataca will not be accepted in Hong Kong.

Do Not Go Through Immigration; While you are at Hong Kong International Airport you will be in transit and will not have to go through Immigration until you disembark in Macau.

Do Not Collect Your Baggage; If you have checked luggage, show your airline baggage claim ticket when purchasing your ferry ticket, the ferry company will collect your checked luggage. Your luggage will be available for you to pick up in Macau after you have cleared Macau Immigration. You will have a baggage claim ticket attached to your ferry ticket.

Macau Ferry from Hong Kong International Airport
HK International Airport

At the designated time, make your way through the boarding entrance, and then to the Automated People Mover to the Skypier. Board your ferry and enjoy the trip to Macau, refreshments are available on board.

Upon disembarkation in Macau, proceed through Immigration and collect your baggage in the baggage claim area. If you are disembarking from Macau’s Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal you will find a range of free shuttle buses across the road from the terminal, these free shuttle buses take you to selected Hotels and Casinos. By Catching the Macau Ferry from Hong Kong International Airport, the glitz, glamour and excitement of Macau is within easy reach.


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