House Sitting a Way to See the World

House Sitting around the World

If you have ever had the dream of travelling the world but found that accommodation costs are too expensive, why not give House Sitting a try.

Over the past 10 years we have been fortunate enough to be able travel the world. While working we would save our pennies all year and splurge on accommodation but now that we have left the workforce, our travel dollars need to stretch further.

Using Frequent Flyer Points for flights has been a huge saving and taken us to many different parts of the world we would never have dreamed of.

One of the ways we have been saving on accommodation is by House sitting. House sitting is good for both parties, the home owner saves money on kennels and home maintenance, while the house sitter gets free accommodation and pet company while discovering new places in the World.

Since we started house sitting some of the places we have visited include Singapore, London and Scotland. During this time, we have met some lovely home owners, adorable pets and have lived in interesting places.

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Things to Think About If You Are Considering House Sitting

It is not the same as a holiday, house sitting comes with a level of responsibility and sometimes things don’t go according to plan. For example, cats getting stuck inside a wall, I know it sounds impossible but it happened to us, luckily after two hours of coaxing, the cat finally came out. You have to be ready to problem solve on the spot, and expect the unexpected.

House Sitting

We like to think of house sitting as a job with benefits, in exchange for the responsibilities of looking after a house and garden, you get to meet and enjoy the company of a wide range of pet personalities, whether cuddly, shy, cheeky, or playful they always give so much pleasure. House sitting also gives you the opportunity to experience life as a local, unlike a holiday where you are just an observer.

Responsibilities of Pet Sitting

You will have to be prepared to work in with the owners wishes. Most house sits require you to be home in the mornings and evenings to feed the pets. Dogs may need to be walked two to three times a day. Litter trays need to be emptied when necessary and in some cases medication needs to be given. Pets can range from cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, reptiles, horses and even farm animals.

House Sitting

Owners may specify the amount of time acceptable for leaving pets on their own. The most important thing is to give the pets left in your care lots of cuddles and attention so they feel safe and secure in your company.

House Sitting

Gardens and lawns may need to be maintained and the home must be kept clean and secure.

If you would like to join a House Sitting community Trusted House Sitters is a worldwide House Sitters and Pet Sitters directory.

Read more about our House Sitting adventures.

If you would like to know more about house sitting or like to have us house sit for you, feel free to Contact us.

Happy House Sitting!

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