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We have travelled throughout Scotland on many occasions and it holds a special place in our hearts as we have many relatives with Scottish heritage. It has a rugged beauty that always seems to draw us back whenever we visit the UK.

The Scottish Highlands are breathtakingly beautiful and with so much to see you can easily spend weeks driving through the small towns stopping to admire the scenery. With a such rich history it’s no wonder many tourists choose to include Scotland during a trip to the UK.

Travelling Scotland

To get the most of a trip to Scotland we recommend spending at least a week and hiring a car to drive the countryside. It is an easy place to explore if you have the time to take it at a leisurely pace, stopping overnight or longer to explore what each town has to offer. For foodies the seaside villages offer some of the best fresh fish and chips you will find anywhere.

Scotland is renowned for it’s Malt Whiskey and there are so many distilleries throughout the country you could easily spend the entire trip just trying to visit each one. For history buffs the old Castles are a major drawcard and of course no visit to Scotland would be complete without a trip along the famous Loch Ness.

Scotland Travel Blog
Cruising past Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness

Standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a Firth at dawn as the mist rolls is a sight you will not forget and it’s easy to imagine how it was back in time when the Scottish Clans ruled the lands. Thankfully the countryside is still unspoiled and it’s not unusual to visit small coastal towns and walk the streets past stone buildings that have withstood the hash climate for hundreds of years.

Meet the locals

The Scots love a good chat. Just visit any old country pub and you will soon be entertained by locals eager to share the history and local legends of the region.

For an insight into driving through Scotland see our Scottish Road Trip where we spent a week visiting many of the villages, the highlands, and many other places of interest in Scotland. Our ultimate guide to the Scottish Highlands has highlights of the places to see and where to stay on a trip throughout the highlands.

We were fortunate that we had an extended stay house sitting on the Black Isle just outside of Inverness, and our article on the Black Isle of Scotland has practical advice on what to see and do in this region including visiting the local distilleries and the famous Culloden Battlefields.

The northeast coastal city of Inverness is home to many attractions and our article of what to see, where to stay and what to do in and around Inverness has practical advice on visiting this region.

Whatever you have planned on your next trip to the UK be sure to include a visit to Scotland as you won’t be disappointed.

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