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The vast continent of India in on the travel agenda for many that seek out this mystical land. A common theme from many visitors to India is that it can be a life changing experience, and we can certainly resonate with that sentiment as it’s a place not like any other. From the seemingly chaotic streets teeming with people, cars, sounds, and animals, the first impression is often a sensory overload. Surprisingly everything just works.

India is a cheap place to visit and offers excellent value for money. The currency of India is the Indian Rupee with approximately 64 Indian Rupee equivalent to 1 US Dollar. Check the currency converter for the current Indian Rupee exchange rate.

India Travel Blog
Alan & Ros at the Taj Mahal

Many tourists planning there first visit to India often choose a package tour as the vast distances and challenges of independent travel make do it yourself travel time consuming and sometimes daunting, when trying to navigate the local transport options. Although we are well travelled we choose the help of an independent Indian tour company for our first visit as we were on a very tight time frame and we were very happy with the itinerary that we could mix and match to suit our needs.

Now that we don’t have the time constraints as before and we know what to expect, we now choose to package our own India travel plans.

Places visited in India

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