5 Great Reasons To visit Pordenone in Italy

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Having traveled to Italy a number of times in the past, I was really looking forward to heading north and finally exploring the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region I have heard so much about.

I’ve already had a chance to visit Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples and was thrilled to discover a completely new to me area of this beautiful boot-shaped country.

5 Great Reasons To visit Pordenone in Italy

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I decided to start this new adventure from Pordenone – a small charming town located along the banks of the Noncello river and one of the most important centers of the region.

After a few days there I rounded up the top 5 reasons for you to stop by Pordenone at least once during your next trip to Italy.

Beautiful Historical Sites to see when you visit Pordenone in Italy

The city center of Pordenone is filled to the brim with ancient buildings and architectural marvels.

One of these is certainly the main church of the city – the Cathedral in a Romanesque-Gothic style dedicated to Saint Mark the Evangelist.

The construction of the building started in the second half of the thirteenth century and was completed almost 100 years later in 1347.

As a huge fan of architecture I fell in love with the facade which features a portal with astrological signs, a statue of Christ and some scenes regarding the creation.

When it comes to the interior of the church, the beautiful fresco by Antonio Boatto drew my attention as well as the marble altars and the chapels.

Pordenone Cathedral

The Bell Tower, known as Campanile, located right next to the Cathedral is a symbol of Pordenone and comes in the same Romanesque-Gothic style as the church.

The foundation stone of the Bell Tower was laid in 1291 and it was completed in 1347.

Other wonderful buildings in Pordenone are the Gothic Town Hall, the “Captains Building” and Palazzo Ricchieri just to name a few.


Proximity to other amazing Italian locations

Pordenone is a perfect place from which to explore some of Italy’s most beautiful cities and locations.

In fact the city of Venezia is located only one hour away and can be easily reached with a local train at less than 10 €.

Also, the accomodation in Venice is really expensive so going back to the more reasonably priced and less touristy Pordenone for the night will help you stay on budget.

Another enchanting town that lies only 120 km from Pordenone is Cortina d’Ampezzo – one of the most popular winter resorts in Europe.

Located in the heart of the famous Dolomites (which are part of the Alps), this small town offers a truly idyllic scenery with its snow-topped mountains, endless ski paths, a cute downtown and a serene atmosphere.

Pordenone city center

If you’re visiting in summer you might want to take advantage of the beautiful seaside towns located nearby.

You’ll be able to see some of the most alluring beaches of the Adriatic coast with towns such as Bibione, Lignano Sabbiadoro or Jesolo – all of which are just a quick train ride away.

While, if you’re staying for a longer period, don’t forget to visit the nearby Croatia, with its beautiful coastlines and crystal clear water. You can reach it in just 2 hours drive heading East.

Pordenone has Amazing Italian Food

Every city in Italy is pretty much a foodie’s paradise and Pordenone is certainly no exception here.

The Friuli-Venezia Giulia region has a strong gastronomic tradition and food is an integral part of people’s identity here.

The most typical dishes in Pordenone are frico con le patate, presnitz and cjarsons and also delicious desserts such as tiramisu.

You have to try the local restaurants for the ultimate culinary experience.

If you’re staying near the city center, which I highly suggest, I recommend Pizzeria Re Cupido for an authentic and mouth watering Italian pizza and Piazzetta San Marco 13 with many yummy options.

Pizzeria Re Cupido - Pizza

English is widely spoken in Pordenone

Although Pordenone isn’t incredibly touristy, English is widely spoken there.

I communicated in English with the hotel’s staff, in the restaurants and in all the shops and boutiques and everything went really smooth.

Italians are very open and easy-going people so being able to chat with them was a lot of fun.

Regarding this point, I would actually recommend learning a few basic words in Italian since I noticed this is also a great icebreaker.

Italy’s North-East Culture

The Italian peninsula, despite not being a very extensive territory, has a multitude of different cultures that all fall together and form a unique beautiful country.

Among these, one of the most distinct is for sure the culture belonging to Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Here you’ll immediately recognize a characteristic accent that belongs to this area and to some extent also to all the North-East of Italy. But one exclusive thing is for sure the local dialect, which to be correct is actually a real language – the Friulian Language, with over 600.000 speakers. So, if you happen to be in Pordenone, make sure to listen to the locals speaking, since it gives you a real taste of the area’s culture.

Another noticeable factor of the North-East area is the very friendly, welcoming and active population – despite giving a sense of calm and tranquillity, the regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto are the most productive of entire Italy and have given birth to many important companies throughout the XX century.

Last but not least, Friuli is an incredibly clean and well-organized region which makes your stay there even more pleasurable.

All in all, Pordenone is a wonderful town – a typical “off the beaten track” spot that holds many surprises.

You will appreciate the well-preserved historical landmarks, the delicious cuisine, the amazing culture and the strategic location. I think you will especially like this town if you want to stay away from the touristic routes and at the same time get to experience all things Italian.

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  1. There are so many amazing places in Italy. I spent 6 months there last year, primarily in Tuscany. My sponsorships take me everywhere in the world but I have to say that Italy, at least for now, it my favorite place on earth! Thanks for sharing this post!

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