5 Beautiful Places in South America

Breathtaking 5 Beautiful Places in South America

It is a vast landscape which stretches out across a patchwork of colours, much like a oil painting. Snow capped mountains, deserts that border on surreal, jungles of no forgiveness and galloping hillsides which surround this canvas of breathtaking beauty.

Travellers from far and wide, forge their way through outdoor test of physicality and some even kick back to simply take in the stunning view of those inspiring and always unforgettable, Andean mountain ranges.

If you are a person who considers themselves a lover of adventure, world-class South America surely doesn’t let the expectations down. It’s aura is infectious and it doesn’t really even matter where you head off to, there is always a fiery Latin passion in the wind that one can’t easily walk away from. So, for such a wonderful and aesthetic place, it makes it difficult to narrow down to it’s most gorgeous cities. These are my picks for  5 beautiful Places in South America. I would love to know if you agree.

1. Angel Falls, Venezuela

5 Beautiful Places in South America

What makes Angel Falls so immaculately aesthetic and majestic is that they stand as the tallest amongst the world’s waterfalls. It is also easily one of the most adventurous places in all of South America. The waterfalls free down an astonishing 979 meters, resulting from the ever-blasting waters of the Churun River. The water eventually settles at the very edge of “Auyantepui” Table mountain and this happens to be the largest “Tepuy” table mountain in Venezuela. Angel Falls is literally 15 times greater than that of Niagara Falls, which runs at a total of 52 meters.

 The falls are actually named after an American who went by the name Jimmy Angel, who was a fearless pilot from the great state of Missouri. He had flown with the likes of Charles Lindbergh and, as the years have gone by, James Crawford Angel has built himself into quite the legend throughout these parts, a place he absolutely loved.

2.  Machu Picchu, Peru

5 Beautiful Places in South America

One of the most heralded hotspots in Peru, really South America to be honest, Machu Picchu is the most beloved spot for travellers all across the world. Peru just simply wouldn’t be Peru if it weren’t for the presence of this legendary and thought-provoking mystical city. You have seen it in countless photographs, documentaries and it has been name-dropped in so many different forms of media throughout the years that just by this alone, you can’t miss a true wonder.

 These ruins of what used to be a thriving city of myth, is nicely tucked away in the lush and enchanting Peruvian mountain range. The origins of the city have always eluded the firm reality of it’s exact being but hopefully soon the secrets will be released because the city is a site of perpetual archaeological digs.

Some travellers are simply good-to-go by just strolling alongside the base of the city by train. Then, there are others who choose to take to the landscape and trek up to breath in it’s enchanting wonders, realizing that they are within the grasp of a true legendary place. Stunning experience.

 3. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

5 Beautiful Places in South America

It is considered a paradise for every animal lovers who graces it’s grounds and those grounds are also a place which is so unbelievably untouched by civilization. Man just simply continues to keep kindness intact to this serene bit of earth, where various wild creatures dwell without the fear of man at every turn.

 There is honestly no where else in the entire world where you can discover beautiful animals who are simply undisturbed by the the several onlookers who pass by out of their sheer curiosity of such a legendary and stunning place. Nature and wildlife are a reality and if you were to truly understand what that stands for, these islands are the perfect demonstration of such a concept.

Just like as if you were the central character in a heart warming fairytale, this is a place that is peculiar in the fact that you can simply walk and exist side-by-side with the resident sea lions. You can also spend some quality time and even waddle your way with penguins and if you feel like swimming with a few turtles, the option is always open to you.

 4. Easter Island, Chile

5 Beautiful Places in South America

The Polynesian and the Spanish know it as Isla de Pascua or Rapa Nui but the rest of us simply know this wonderful location as Easter Island Chile. It is often considered one of the most enchanting and most of all, alluring places on the earth.

 The island is most notable for it’s massive stone figures, which are titled “Moai” were bewilderingly built and placed here many centuries ago. To this day they continue to boggle the mind regarding how exactly they came to be and the only surviving clues rest within the immensely isolated Polynesian culture.

Two majestic white-sanded beaches lay out across the way, enabling that perfect dash of enchanting to play as a background to such a mysterious and ancient culture. The tropical suns always shines down and after a splendid morning, the visitors of the Moai, head off to body surf, scuba dive or a full ride on the waves by surfing.

 5. Amazonia, Ecuador

5 Beautiful Places in South America

This is an ecosystem that is absolutely captivating to even the slightest of nature lovers on the planet, an enormous region which covers about 40% of the continent of South America, the Amazon is a stunning beauty to be reckoned with.

 It boast as one of the more aesthetic regions as of which sits within the Ecuadorian borders, via the capital city, Quito.

The Amazon is for no light-hearted individual. It is a biological wonder, diverse as it is gorgeous and it is chalk-loaded with exotic creatures such as monkeys, tarantulas, caimans and birds who hover over it’s majesty daily.

South America Simply Just Can’t Be Missed

These 5 beautiful places in South America are nothing short of where you want to be if you ever decide to take the journey in it’s direction. There is so much beauty, recreation, intrigue, haunting and just plain fun, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t at least jot it down on your bucket list.

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