Travelling to Canada: What to expect at the border

People from many countries are travelling to Canada either for vacation or higher studies. The main reason for this is the spectacular views and places to visit that one can see when they are planning an eventful holiday. For a honeymoon or a vacation, Canada is the first choice for many people.

Also, many students travel there every year because of its unlimited educational opportunities. Here, we will discuss what you should expect at the border and some important things about living in Canada and how one can get an eta Canada application.

Travelling to Canada

What do you need to know about living in Canada?

Before travelling to Canada, we think you must be aware of some of the details of that country. The below-mentioned factors will help you decide if you’ll be able to adjust according to the country’s conditions or not:

  • Climate change must be very much for some people who come from warmer climates. In winter, the temperature here depends on the wind here in the range of -10 °c to even -60°C in some areas.
  • People from many cultures and countries are welcomed by Canada every year. You will have to adapt their culture to succeed there, but there is no need of leaving your own culture behind.
  • Tipping the workers or bartenders is followed here. If you come from a country where it is not practiced quite often, you might have to change that habit.
  • Getting a professional job here is a challenging process here. You should have enough funds with you. Doing part-time employment is also a preferred option until you get a good career job.
  • Another essential factor that you need to know is the living costs. Rent here might be too high according to your standards, especially if you stay in downtown areas.
  • If you are a smoker, then you’d have to change that habit because it is wholly prohibited here. Your living place is the only permissible space for you to smoke; everywhere else, it’s completely illegal.
  • You’d have to get a new driving license here as previous ones from your country might not be considered valid. You’ll get than by the provinces as the federal government is not a part of it.
  • Healthcare is one of the major facilities that you’ll get here. Here, it is entirely funded by the public, and the healthcare insurances delivered comes from the paid taxes.
  • Here, the collection of income taxes is done depending on how much you earn through your employment. You might also get a tax refund at the year’s end.
Canada Travel

What are the steps to get an eta?

Here, we will discuss everything about the process of how you can get an etaFirst of all, you need to remember that when you are applying for an etaby filling out a particular form, it can be only done for that single person. Multiple people can’t get an etathrough a single eta Canada application. If you want another eta, you would have to fill up another form to get that. Now let’s talk about what you will need to fill up the eta Canada application form and get an eta successfully:

  • In the very first step of the process, you need to make sure that you have your passport that is currently valid. Also, have a credit or debit card with you, which will be used to pay the mandatory fees. After this, you have to read the help document.
  • Secondly, you must have all the required details that you will have to fill in the eta Canada application. It would help if you had a proper internet connection because the whole form would be filled online by you, and it can’t be saved.
  • Now, pay the asked fees to get your eta. The amount for this is 7 Canadian Dollars. You can pay the fee from MasterCard, Union Pay, etc. The method that you frequently use will surely be available as there are many options for the fee payment.
  • After the payment, make sure to print the receipt at that time only. You won’t be receiving a copy of the receipt from their side after completing the eta Canada application process. There is also no option available for you to print it later. 
  • The email address you have provided must be valid as you will get the following details on that. The information regarding your state of application approval will be given through that email only. Generally, they are approved within minutes. 

You will need to provide the details mentioned above through that. Make sure to submit all the asked documents, or you will not receive approval on your application. If, in any case, it is not provided, they will send you an email within three days regarding the same. The time provided to you for filling the form will be limited. If somehow you are unable to finish it in the given time, you will have to select “Continue session” to continue further.  Know more about the process

What should travellers expect at the border of Canada?

In light of all the cases of COVID-19 all over the world, every country is exact in allowing visitors from other nations. Even though you are entirely safe from corona or tested negative in the test, you will have to go through the mandatory quarantine period. For the quarantine, you will have to make arrangements yourself for where you’ll be staying in that period. Arrive will be used to submit the details of your quarantine stay and confirm your arrival in Canada.

Before entering the borders of Canada, a molecular test of COVID-19 must also be taken within 72 hours. The airlines will only allow your departure to Canada if your test results are valid. The people who have been vaccinated must also go through the test. On your arrival, you will get a kit on the eighth day of your mandatory quarantine if you are not vaccinated. Due to the Covid outburst in India, all the flights from the country to India are banned at the time. Find out if you’re eligible for entering Canada

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