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From my first visit to European cities 30 plus years ago, I was hooked. I had to wait 25 years before I finally returned and have since made up for lost time.

Europe is steeped in history and culture, each country and region totally different from the other.

Since we have been a couple we have visited European destinations numerous times, we always find something new to fascinate and inspire us.

Visiting many European countries has given us a valuable in-site to the diversity of each country and the unique mix of culture, sights and sounds which make each place different which is what we enjoy.

We like to immerse ourselves into the day to day life of the various countries and gain an insight into daily life of a region.

We have enjoyed many European cities and hope you will too. Here are the stories of our travels.

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Guides for top Europe destinations



Czech Republic




Trying to decide where to visit in Europe? We can definitely recommend for a romantic getaway taking in the sights, sounds and flavour of France with a visit to the city of lights Paris and no visit is complete without a Paris dinner cruise of the Seine.  Or for history buffs the battle fields of France is well worth visiting. Read here about our visiting the Somme.

If your thinking a cruise would be more your style read about our European cruises taking in the ports of Venice, Copenhagen, Santorini, and many others.

There are so many places to visit in Europe and it is a region we never tire of visiting.

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