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JULY Carry All Weekender Duffle Bag

JULY Carry All Weekender Duffle Bag Review

Being full time travellers, we are often asked our opinion on various travel accessories, from suitcases and backpacks to such products as travel towels, pillows, and sleeping bags. While many of these products are useful not all are what we consider must have travel products. However, occasionally we come across a product that is as

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Best Travel Backpack

Complete guide to the Best Travel Backpack 2020

One of most important items you need when travelling is to choose the best travel backpack to suit your needs. Like your shoes and other travel essentials, your backpack will be with you all the way during your travels, so you need to ensure that it has everything that you need. In this article we

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Best Windproof Umbrella

Hedgehog Windproof Umbrella Review

As full time travellers for over 4 years, we are often asked our opinion on various travel related products. From backpacks to towels and travel pillows we have tried many accessories and enjoy putting these items to the test. Our travels have taken us throughout Asia, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Americas and India and

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