Olight Warrior Mini 2 Review

From our years of travelling internationally and at home in Australia, we have learnt from experience that whatever equipment we take with us must be both functional and more importantly compact. A handy edition to travel especially when we are camping is a good quality flashlight. With this in mind, we were eager to test the latest Olight Warrior Mini 2 flashlight.

The Warrior Mini 2 is a compact tactical EDC flashlight from Olight. It is an updated version of the popular Warrior Mini and comes with additional powerful features that make it stand out from competitors.  

If you are looking for the best EDC flashlight that is powerful and compact. The Warrior Mini 2 is hard to beat.

Onlight Warrior Mini 2 Review
Olight Warrior Mini 2

Who are Olight?

Olight make a range of quality illumination products and are known for their innovative lighting gear. With a large range of purpose-built solutions, they are often the go to company for anyone looking to purchase best in class lighting equipment to suit any situation. Their products are designed with the user in mind with functionality that really works when you need it.

What is an EDC flashlight?

EDC is an acronym for “everyday carry”. As a small compact flashlight that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand the Warrior Mini 2 is classified as an EDC flashlight. Although it is small it certainly packs a punch, as Olight have built into this flashlight features that will have you wondering why you would ever need a large cumbersome flashlight. 

First impressions of the Olight Warrior Mini 2

We were pleasantly surprised when we first tried the flashlight at how powerful it is. We had heard positive reports on the previous version, but this new version has raised the bar with Max 1750 lumens and an incredible 220-meter beam distance. Weighing just 122 grams and at 118 millimetres in length it has a solid feel and fits perfectly in your pocket. It’s easy to see that a lot of thought has gone into its practicality as it comes with a sturdy pocket clip, detachable lanyard, and carabiner-style ring.

When purchasing a Warrior Mini 2 you can currently choose from Black, Tan, or Mountain Sky which is blue to silver gradient.

Fits perfectly in your hand
Compact size fits easily into your hand.

Features of the Warrior Mini 2 by Olight

What we particularly like about this flashlight is that it has a rechargeable battery. The base is magnetic, and the charger cable snaps onto the base. Charging is then via standard USB port. When charging, the base connector changes from red to green when complete.

The on off button displays remaining battery life with green indicating 60% to full. Orange is 60 to 10% full and red indicates 10%. It then blinks red when less than 5% is remaining. This handy feature will let you know in plenty of time when to recharge.   

It also has a built-in proximity protection function which will reduce the brightness automatically when an obstruction is detected. This would be perfect when needing to use the light discreetly for instance finding that item you dropped on the floor in a movie theatre or if it’s left on accidently in your pocket. After 60 seconds in this mode, it automatically turns off to preserve battery life.

USB Charging cable
Charging cable attached.

It has various brightness levels that can be operated by the side button and a rear switch that can activate turbo or strobe with a single click. The side light button can also be locked to prevent it accidentally turning on. When locked the side button has a red indicator confirming it is locked.  

Olight Warrior Mini 2 Flashlight

Specifications of the Olight Warrior Mini 2:

Main Features:

220 metre beam distance

Max output 1750 Lumens

Runs on customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Rechargeable Battery (included)

Waterproof IPX8 rating

Weight: 122g

Charging via MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable (included)

Strobe function: Yes

Sturdy construction and drop tested to 1.5 metres

Lighting lumens levels, run time and sizing:

  • Level 1: 1,750–500–200 – 4+206+40 mins
  • Level 2: 500–200 – 218+55 mins
  • Level 3: 120 – 19 hours
  • Level 4: 15 – 164 hours
  • Level 5: 1 – 45 days
  • Length – 118mm
  • Head diameter – 25mm
  • Body diameter – 23mm
Olight Warrior Mini 2 Flashlight

Would we recommend the Olight Warrior Mini 2?

Yes, we would. This well designed and compact EDC compact flashlight from Olight will be included in our must have travel gear and will certainly be useful not only during our camping trips, but also for everyday use. The perfect companion for around home or during travels.

Disclaimer: We were kindly provided with a Warrior Mini 2. However as usual, all opinions are our own.


Olight Warrior 2 Flashlight
Best Compact EDC Flashlight
Olight Warrior Mini 2 Review

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