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Best Camping in NSW

Best Camping in New South Wales

What better way to explore the vast Australian countryside than loading the car with the family tent, fishing gear, esky, sleeping bags and heading off to that special place for a camping trip. New South Wales on the east coast of Australia has many ideal camp grounds, so we asked some fellow bloggers to share some of

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Best Queensland Camping Spots

Best Camping in Queensland

Australians love the outdoors and what a better way to explore this vast country than packing the car, loading the tent, fishing gear, esky, sleeping bags and heading off to that special place for a getaway. Queensland on the east coast of Australia has many ideal camping grounds so we set out to ask fellow

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cheap accommodation in Melbourne

Find Your Ideal Melbourne Travel Destination With Our Handy Guide

Living in Australia does not mean you cannot visit some of the hidden gems of your own country. There are plenty of locations that could prove interesting to you; this includes cheap accommodation in Melbourne to the most luxurious hotels for businessmen looking to unwind. If you still require some inspiration for a travel destination

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Things to do in Bundaberg

Visit Bundaberg and the Great Barrier Reef

Why Visit Bundaberg Australia? We are often asked what to see and what to do in Bundaberg. Visitors are often surprised to discover the range of exciting things to do in Bundaberg and the surrounding region. Visit the world famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery. Explore the Mon Repos turtle rookery and walk the turtle trail. Go

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Great Ocean Road Getaway

Great Ocean Road Getaway

Great Ocean Road Getaway is a guest post contributed by Jane, to see more of her work, visit her official website Explore The Great Ocean Road – Travel Blog The Great Ocean Road is one of the most popular touring routes in Australia and well worth spending a couple of days to explore. It boasts superb

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Places to Visit in NSW

Places to visit in NSW – Australia

This guest post is contributed by Destination NSW. Sharing tips on some of the best places to visit in New South Wales, Australia. Chances are that when you fly into Australia for the first time, you’ll be landing in Sydney, New South Wales. There is no denying that Sydney is a stunning city, but there

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Things to do in Brisbane

Australia’s Sunshine Capital – Things to do in Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, the third largest city in Australia and one of the more forgotten capital cities. I say forgotten, but underrated might be a more apt term. Often cited as the lesser triplet of the Sydney and Melbourne triangle, and time and again relegated to a mere sideshow to the more

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Thailand to Australia

Thailand to Australia and Beyond

We have just returned to Chiang Mai from Australia where we had so much fun celebrating Christmas and New Year with family and friends. We got to catch up on all the local gossip and sampled all the traditional Christmas treats. Our trip from Thailand to Australia took us to Brisbane before moving on to

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