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Things to do in Emerald Queensland

Things to do in Emerald Queensland

Emerald is viewed as the gateway to outback Queensland in Australia. Many people heading west will spend the night to break the journey between Rockhampton and Longreach. This is a shame as the town has an interesting past and is a steppingstone to the gem fields of Sapphire and the aquatic pleasures of Lake Maraboon,

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JULY Carry On Luggage

July Carry On Luggage Review

Travel has been our lifestyle for many years and during that time we have tested our fair share of travel products, such as suitcases of all sizes, backpacks, duffle bags and carry on luggage, from many of the leading travel product manufacturers. We have been through airports worldwide and one item almost all travellers use

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What to do in Winton

Things to do in Winton Australia

To be truthful when we started our trip, we did not know a lot about Winton Queensland. What we did know was that the town was famous for its dinosaurs and that was enough for us to put Winton on our list of places to visit on a Queensland road trip. Like many of our

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Best Longreach Attractions

Best Attractions in Longreach Queensland

Longreach Queensland conjures up images of a dry and dusty outback but if you look deeper you will find a landscape full of life. The region is surrounded by a sea of grass which was once considered a pastoral Eldorado, the life’s blood of the booming sheep industry that was to make Australia rich.  

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Top items for camping Australia

Tent Camping Essentials Australia

Given the current travel climate we decided to travel within Australia for the foreseeable future, taking a road trip around Australia. Although we mix various styles of travel, for most stays in the various locations we are camping. With our vast outdoors a popular pastime for many Australian families is a camping trip. So, with

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Top experiences of Sydney

The Top Sydney Experiences

The top Sydney experiences is a guest post contributed by Kiran, from the Great Ocean Road Collective. Sydney is a vibrant, busy city, but interspersed throughout are little pockets of peace, tranquillity and wildlife. From famous, impressive buildings to lively beaches perfect for surfing or sunbathing, the list is endless when it comes to things to

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Attractions in and around Yeppoon

Popular Yeppoon Attractions Queensland

Is Yeppoon worth visiting? I have heard that question many times and the answer is a resounding yes! Yeppoon attractions begin with endless golden beaches and captivating views of the Keppel Bay Islands. The town has a friendly laid back vibe and within thirty minutes you can be enjoying the tropical splendour of Great Keppel

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JULY Carry All Weekender Duffle Bag

JULY Carry All Weekender Duffle Bag Review

Being full time travellers, we are often asked our opinion on various travel accessories, from suitcases and backpacks to such products as travel towels, pillows, and sleeping bags. While many of these products are useful not all are what we consider must have travel products. However, occasionally we come across a product that is as

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