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Things to do in Bundaberg

Visit Bundaberg and the Great Barrier Reef

Why Visit Bundaberg Australia? We are often asked what to see and what to do in Bundaberg. When travellers visit Bundaberg, they are often surprised to discover the range of exciting things to do in Bundaberg and the surrounding region. Visit the world famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery. Explore the Mon Repos turtle rookery and walk

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Hoi An where to stay

Where to Stay in Hoi An Vietnam

Planning where to stay in Hoi An Vietnam? Then look no further. We have taken the hard work out of planning to help you when choosing accommodation in Hoi An. Including: Hostels Homestays Airbnb Hotels – Budget to luxury Beach Resorts Hoi An is one of the most popular places to visit after Hanoi and

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Vietnam Visa for Australians

Australians Visa for Vietnam – How to Guide

Vietnam is a top tourist destination for many Australians. Visa for Vietnam is required when visiting for tourism purposes. Our complete guide for Australians visiting Vietnam, will explain the easy process of obtaining the Vietnam e-visa and the Vietnam Visa on Arrival. There are other visas available for working and business, but the purpose of

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Best Travel Umbrella Buying Guide

Best Travel Umbrella Reviews 2020

Although it’s nice try to plan vacations for times when the weather will be just right, unfortunately we can’t control the weather. We can however be prepared, and with a little planning enjoy our time away knowing that if your suddenly caught in the rain you have a good quality umbrella.  Whether it’s a brief

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Complete guide to best carry-on luggage 2020

Carry-on luggage, also known as cabin baggage is essentially a type of luggage that you’re allowed to carry along in a passenger cabin of a plane instead of putting it in the cargo compartment. Travellers are usually allowed to carry a limited number and size of smaller bags with them into the plane. These often

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Best Passport Holder

Complete Guide to the Best Passport Wallet

Travelling the world to different countries might just be another day at work to some, but for many Australians, it’s a lifetime adventure. Regardless of your reason for travelling outside your country, you need a passport to move from one country to another, and it’s crucial that you keep this document safe at all times.

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Roving retirement and how to make it happen

Roving Retirement – How to Make It Happen

Have you ever wanted to retire early and travel? Like many people we had dreams of a roving retirement which we eventually turned into a reality. Though the journey towards our roving retirement was a little bumpy, it led us to a lifestyle which has taken us to destinations across the world.  Making the decision

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Travelling for 6 months


Our guest writer Danny is a travel enthusiast who’s determined to make the most of his life. Here he shares advice on how to make the most of 6 months travelling. Top tips for getting the most out of travelling The very thought of travel gets me all excited. I just love everything about the

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