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Since taking my first overseas trip at the tender age of 18, it has been my hobby to plan overseas trips. In fact, this website was started as way of sharing what we have learnt while planning our journeys.

Planning is half the fun of travel; the excitement builds long before your vacation begins. Planning takes time and effort, depending on what type of trip you are taking.

As we get older we feel that we need to take items to make the journey easier. Let’s face it we no longer like to rough it just because we are away from home.

During our travels, we have visited Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, North and South America, South America and United Kingdom. Countries that vary vastly in climate, culture and infrastructure. We have taken Cruise holidays aboard some of the best cruise lines. Hit the road, travelling across country, through spectacular scenery and difficult terrain. Different holidays with different needs.

We have overcome the difficulties of packing hot and cold weather gear while doing extended travel through different seasons. We have learnt how to remain stylish without packing your entire wardrobe when cruising. Discovered what electronic and photographic gear to take.

So, whether you are planning that long-awaited getaway to a Middle Eastern summer or a European winter, we will show you some of the products we have used to make our travels easier.

We have hand selected a range of travel products to help your travels run smoothly and comfortably.

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Be sure to check back regularly as we are always adding new products.