The Tech and Apps Making Travel Simpler

Tech and Apps Making Travel Simpler for the Smart Traveller.

For many the excitement of travelling overseas outweighs the practical hurdles that it involves. But even frequent travellers who have packing down to a science and know where to find the best flight deals can be worn down by the challenges of travel. Thankfully there’s a whole range of Tech and Apps Making Travel Simpler.

Here we’ve provided a list of some of the most popular travel app and techs to use wherever you are travelling to. Whether you struggle with packing or finding the best route from A to B, one of these apps is sure to help!

Tech and Apps Making Travel Simpler

Trip It

Trip It is one of the most (if not the most) popular mobile trip planner. You can upload your trip details including flights, hotels, rental cars, maps and directions, all to the app to automatically generate a master itinerary. It also keeps your confirmation numbers, maps and weather information. It can sync with your online or mobile calendar and share itineraries. You won’t ever forget a booking!

(Free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7)

Travel insurance policy tools

Your travel insurance policy provides you with cover for unexpected emergencies such as being hospitalised, evacuated home in a medical emergency, having your flights unexpectedly cancelled or your belongings stolen. It’s therefore a great idea to find a company which makes your policy easily accessible online so you can alter it when you need to. Fast Cover travel insurance, for example, has the Your Policy feature which allows you to quickly extend your policy or initiate a claim even from a mobile phone while you’re on the go. You can get a quote online here.


(Free from some travel insurance providers)

Tech can simplify getting around overseas


Hopper can help you find the lowest airfares by finding you the best time to fly as well as the best time to buy tickets. It could save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention save you time in trying to find the best deal yourself.

(Free for Android and iOS)

Travel List

Ever forgotten to pack your toiletry essentials at the last minute? Or your phone charger? This app is built to help you avoid these situations. You can add reminders for things you need to pack before leaving home, as well as use the app to organise everything you’ll need to pack for your holiday.

(Costs about $2.99 AUD for iOS)

Google Translate

Google Translate is currently the closest thing you can get to having dozens of translation dictionaries memorised. Like all digital translators, the app allows you to type in words to find their definition. You can also talk into the device for a verbal translation in return. More exciting is that you can hold your phone up to signs or menus and have the text translated over the image. While online you can translate 103 languages through typing. Offline you can translate 52 and with your camera, you can translate the text of 29 languages. Alternatively, look at iTranslate.

(Free for Android and iOS)


Type in where you want to go and this app will tell you how to get there, with multiple options, how long each choice will take and approximately how much it’ll cost. Links to relevant transport websites are also included. R2R makes finding the quickest or cheapest route a lot easier.

(Free for Android and iOS)

Hard-copy maps are a thing of the past

Wi-Fi Finder

Use this app to find your nearest Wi-Fi hot spot. It works worldwide, so wherever you’re travelling it is sure to help you dodge roaming fees!

(Free for Android and iOS)

WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and more!

These are just a few examples of excellent, free communications tools which allow you to message, voice and video call with anyone, anywhere, so long as there’s an internet connection. Have a look at these options and see which one works best for you.

(Free for Android and iOS)

XE Currency

This app can help you compare different world currencies and see the current rates, helping you get the best value out of each dollar. As a bonus, it keeps the last-downloaded data on your device so that you can revisit it even when you don’t have an internet connection.

(Free for Android and iOS)

Travelsafe Pro

When you experience an emergency, this app will help you find who to call. It is essentially a database of police and ambulance contacts across the world. Wherever you are, you can find an emergency service in a few clicks on your phone rather than by scanning through a search engine.

(Free for Android and iOS)


The ‘In Case of Emergency’ information card is a convenient way to store information that doctors would need during a medical emergency. You can upload your emergency contact list as well as the details of medications you take, previous illnesses and allergies. There’s also an alarm button which can be used in a critical situation to send an emergency SMS to all the people in your contact list and allow them to know your location.

(Free for Android and iOS)


If you’re a cruise fanatic, this app may be for you. Here you can look at deck plans, read reviews and find out more about different ports you stop at on your next cruise. You can also chat with other people on your ship.

(Free for Android and iOS)

These are just a few of the Tech and Apps Making Travel Simpler that you can keep investigate before you travel. As apps and more digital tools continue to be developed, you can expect to hear of a few new apps in the future. Keep your eyes out for the latest tools, as they might change the way you travel for the better!

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