Thailand Holidays a Dream Destination

Thailand Holidays a Dream Destination

Thailand is known as a magical country that features a number of Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife and breath-taking beautiful beaches and islands. Aside from that, it also has a very intriguing and extraordinary Buddhist culture. When it comes to food, Thai food is truly renowned all over the world because of its taste, as well as visual appeal. In addition, Thailand was named the “land of smiles” because of the very friendly and welcoming natives.

If you and your special someone are planning to have your honeymoon or simply want to relax, enjoy and have some quality time together, considering Thailand Holidays can greatly provide you with a variety of beautiful and admirable attractions. These include sandy beaches, scuba diving sites, coral reefs and a hundred of tropical islands, a great night life, exceptional archaeological museums and sites, palaces, a massive number of Buddhist temples and a lot more. If it’s your first time in Thailand, you would want to plan your holiday a week or even a month just to tour around every scenic spots and places.

Thailand Holidays a Dream Destination

Thailand is truly a dream destination especially for most new married couples out there who wants their honeymoon to be spent in a very special and romantic place. Here are some of the loveliest and romantic places that Thailand Holidays can offer every couple out there:

• Phuket – anyone who wishes to go to Thailand wouldn’t miss paying a visit to Phuket first. This place is home to a few of the world’s best beaches, best diving and best swimming areas. With its immaculate white sandy beaches, a blazing blue ocean, with their seafood that are truly fresh, dazzling five star hotels, art galleries and even all the monkeys and elephants you can see. Phuket is simply to die for when it comes to a lot of couples who are planning their honeymoon or better yet, plan an amazing wedding in this perfect place.

• Chiang Mai – if you want a new thing to do aside from going to beaches and swimming, then you might want to enjoy the great city of Chiang Mai which is also a very romantic city for couples. This city has a lot in store for you and will definitely keep you both busy which includes a trip to an elephant camp, trekking in the mountains, raft riding, paying a visit to a number of hill tribe villages, going around and do some shopping and purchasing amazing but very affordable souvenirs at the night market.

• Bangkok – anyone who is going to Thailand would not want to miss visiting Bangkok or will most likely be the first city to go to. Bangkok is very popular because of the numerous natural, historical, as well as cultural sites. It is also considered as a tropical metropolis that is known to be one of the most traveller-friendly cities found in Asia. Basically, Bangkok has a number of shopping malls to go to which offers a shocking variety of local and international brands. Probably the biggest market in the world is the Chatuchak Weekend Market which sells almost everything, from household items up to live animals. For clothing and fabrics, don’t miss paying a visit to Pratunam Market because they sell items like handicrafts, watches, shirts and sunglasses. The famous floating markets can also be found in Bangkok.

• Koh Samui – this one is an island of amazing natural beauty and variety and is very much perfect for two people in love. During the day, you can enjoy Koh Samui by relaxing under the sun and get a wonderful tan and when night comes, you and your partner can enjoy dancing in one of their astonishing open-air discos or eat out in one of their impressive restaurants in such affordable prices. This island is a must-visit place especially for most couples because they have the choice to relax if they like, or if not, they can always go for an adventure like diving, snorkelling and kayaking.

• Hua Hin – a honeymoon taking place in Hua Hin is a great choice for a lot Thais. Aside from the fact that this city is the home of the King of Thailand but is also a very lovely fishing village that provides truly romantic hotels and villas, horse-riding beside the beach, freshest seafood one can ever find, great cafes, cute little night market, cool shops and art galleries and of course, a very fun nightlife. Hua Hin is three-hour drive from Bangkok, but when you reach it, you will feel like it’s another world in there. Even though the city is not yet overdeveloped, there are still so many things to do and a honeymoon or a date for two people in love would make it a dream destination.

• Ayutthaya – this place is 76 kilometers north of Bangkok and it possesses several brilliant ruins of palaces and temples. With its proximity to Bangkok, Ayutthaya became a very famous day-trip destination to a lot of people. After spending a lot of time in the morning exploring, you can take your partner with you and have a very memorable and romantic lunch by the river.

Thailand Holidays a Dream Destination

Thailand is exceedingly one of the top choices when it comes to newly married couples who wish to have a perfect honeymoon. Aside from the numerous places to visit and activities to do, the people are truly the friendliest, as well as nicest anyone can ever meet. They provide some of the best hospitality one can ever experience. And if you think that you will be spending a lot of money when you are considering Thailand as your dream honeymoon destination, then think again. You can definitely spend much less money compared to other honeymoon places out there and you will even get to experience the wonderful culture the country has to offer.

Shopping, beaches, nightclubs, trekking, diving, snorkelling – any sort of honeymoon you are dreaming of, all of that is waiting for you in Thailand. Taking your partner in this wonderful and breath-taking haven will definitely make them happy and will be very much thankful for the memories that you both have shared together.



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