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Visa Requirements for Australians

Travel Requirements for Australians

Australians have got it pretty good when it comes to international travel – the Australian passport is ranked 9th by the Henley Passport Index in terms of travel freedom, and we can visit over 180 countries and territories around the world visa-free or with a visa on arrival.  Saying that, there are a number of

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The changing times of world travel

World Travel in Changing Times

So here we are spending our time at home social distancing. Who would have thought our lives would change so drastically in such a short period of time. In fact, for us as travel writers and bloggers the last month has seen us frantically cancelling, altering and rearranging our world travel plans. It’s been a

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Roving retirement and how to make it happen

Roving Retirement – How to Make It Happen

Have you ever wanted to retire early and travel? Like many people we had dreams of a roving retirement which we eventually turned into a reality. Though the journey towards our roving retirement was a little bumpy, it led us to a lifestyle which has taken us to destinations across the world.  Making the decision

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Travelling for 6 months


Our guest writer Danny is a travel enthusiast who’s determined to make the most of his life. Here he shares advice on how to make the most of 6 months travelling. Top tips for getting the most out of travelling The very thought of travel gets me all excited. I just love everything about the

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Plans when travel goes wrong

Travel Insurance – When Travel Goes Wrong

Travel! It broadens the mind and opens the heart to new experiences and friendships. With a whole world to explore, I don’t think there is anything more exciting than taking that first step onto an aircraft knowing you are setting off on a new adventure. We have been travelling full time for a few years

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Bucket List Trip Ideas

Bucket List Trips of a Lifetime

For those who don’t know us, we are Ros and Alan, an Australian couple who spend part of the year in beautiful Chiang Mai Thailand and the rest of the year travelling the world ticking off our ultimate bucket list destinations. During our travels we have been fortunate to tick off many bucket list trips

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Flight Reviews - Premium economy,Business Class, First Class

Premium Economy, Business and First Class Flight Reviews

Have you ever wondered about the different levels of comfort between economy, premium economy, business and first class flights? Well over the last few months we have put these flight styles to the test and this is what we discovered. Economy Class Past and Present Flight Reviews Unless you are one of the fortunate few

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Best Thailand Food

Best Thai Food Outside Thailand

As you may know, we spend part of the year in Chiang Mai Thailand. Thailand attracts tourists from all over the world, not only for its fabulous beaches, culture and friendly people, but also for its incredible food. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel all the way to Thailand to enjoy the best Thai food.

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