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Nomadic Lifestyle Tips

Creating a successful nomadic lifestyle

Since starting our nomadic lifestyle we have met many like minded people. All have interesting stories to tell on why they decided to take up this lifestyle and how it has changed their life. Today we would like to introduce Vanessa and Ian of House Sitting Magazine. Ian and Vanessa tell their story and give some

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Housesitting Scotland

House Sitting Scotland and England

We began house sitting Scotland and England in late February, this was our second year of house sitting abroad and it gave us the opportunity to visit places that aren’t usually on the tourist radar. We enjoy house sitting and using this mode of accommodation has allowed us to explore the United Kingdom and Europe

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House Sitting London

House Sitting London and Beyond

House Sitting London We were excited to be returning to England to begin this year’s long term housesitting assignments. This is the second year of long term house sitting and our calendar was jam packed for the next five months. We were ready to start our adventures house sitting London and beyond. We lead a

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House Sitting

House and Pet Sitting – World Travel

Often, we get asked the same question about travelling the world. “How can you afford to travel the World?” “How can I do what you both do?” Or “What do you think the chances are that we could also travel like you?” Our usual answer is anything is possible as long as you have the

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see more of Asia for free

How to see more of Asia for free

Where to next as we see more of Asia for free. Our initial plans for June and July had us with one goal in mind which was how to see more of Asia for free. We will go a long way to achieving that goal and most of the accommodation during this upcoming trip will

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House Sitting

House Sitting a Way to See the World

House Sitting around the World If you have ever had the dream of travelling the world but found that accommodation costs are too expensive, why not give House Sitting a try. Over the past 10 years we have been fortunate enough to be able travel the world. While working we would save our pennies all

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