Days at Sea Santorini Cruise Port

Santorini Cruise Port

Santorini Cruise Port during our Days at Sea

Like many people the island of Santorini in Greece has always been on my bucket list. During our MSC cruise from Venice  we enjoyed Discovering the Santorini Cruise Port.

Santorini is renowned for it’s iconic blue and white painted churches and the ancient Minoan settlement of Akrotiri, which was destroyed by the same devastating volcanic eruption which forms the island of Santorini we see today. To some Santorini is considered to be Plato’s lost Island of Atlantis.

Cruising into Santorini cruise port was as thrilling as I always thought it would be. Rocky cliff walls tower above you and clinging to the top of the cliffs white buildings catch the morning sun.

Once in Santorini harbour we were tendered to the shore in small boats. As we made our way closer to the cliff face we noticed the twisting path that climbed its way to the top.

Days at Sea Discovering Santorini

Santorini Day Tours

Arriving in port there are many Santorini Day Tours available.

We touched land at Skala Pier and were told we had three options for getting up to Fira the town above us, we could either walk, take a donkey or catch the cable car, we chose to take the cable car.

Once at the top we passed lines of donkeys getting ready to make their way back down the path. We wandered streets full of cafes, trinket shops, and tour agents.

We decided to book a tour with one of the tour agents but there are many ways to see the island, including the ships tours. Friends hired scooters and found it a great way to get off the beaten track.

We took the minibus around the island and found that Santorini isn’t all steep crater, we passed open fields and discovered beaches and wineries. We watched as international jets came in to land at Santorini’s airport.

Arriving at Akrotiri on the southern part of the island, we were surprised to find the ruins undercover, this is to protect the area from the elements. We were able to walk some of the streets and it was a fascinating but tragic time capsule that gave us insight into what life was like in those times.

Days at Sea Discovering Santorini

Finally, we arrived at Oia, a popular town where we wandered through attractive laneways of ochre and whitewashed buildings. Filled with restaurants, art galleries, clothing, souvenir and jewellery shops you could wander for hours just browsing.

Days at Sea Discovering Santorini

Taking in the view to the harbour below, our cruise ship, MSC Armonia, looked very small and the harbour so blue. With windmills and blue domed churches, it was hard to believe that we were really here.

Santorini Cruise Port

Too soon it was time to make our way back to the ship. As it came time for MSC Armonia to set sail it let out blasts of its horn which echoed around the harbour, a sound so moving it will never be forgotten.

We treasured our Days at Sea Discovering Santorini Cruise Port and hope to revisit one day.

Have you been to Santorini? How did you get around the Island? We would love to hear your story.




2 thoughts on “Days at Sea Santorini Cruise Port”

  1. Hello! We are going to santorini on March 2018 also on a cruise from msc (Musica) we’ve been looking to book a tour for the day but can’t find much… did you book your tour with the cruise line or directly on santorini? Thanks

  2. Rosalind Cuthbertson

    Hi Sandra,

    Lovely to hear from you! You are going to have such a wonderful time, I’m so excited for you :).

    We booked a tour when we arrived on Santorini, with Mendrinos Travel at the Hotel Asimina which is a short walk from the cable car.

    Our tour took us over to Oia where we explored winding alleyways full of shops, restaurants and bars. We got to see the white washed buildings that frame the deep blue water below. It as magic, you are certainly in for a real treat :).

    Our tour was a lot cheaper than the tours on offer on the ship, but in saying that we did talk to a lot of people who did the ships tours and they were very happy with what they saw.

    I hope this helps, have a wonderful time (not long now) and stay and touch I’d love to hear how your cruise went.


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