Paris Dinner Cruise

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Our Paris Dinner Cruise Experience

When I travel I always try to avoid all the high priced touristy activities because, well, they’re touristy. Unless it’s something I really want to do, I always look for (and often find) alternatives, which are cheaper and sometimes more interesting than what the tourist trap has to offer.

I had previously been to Paris twice and had watched the dinner cruise boats floating gently down the Seine and had thought yes it looks nice but so touristy. On my third visit to Paris we were taking an early morning walk along the left bank and had just crossed over the famous “love lock bridge” the Pont des Arts, when we came across this lovely old barge called the Calife, we started chatting to one of the crew members who was washing down the boat and after much discussion we decided to take a dinner cruise for the following night.

Paris Dinner Cruise

The night of our dinner cruise came and we weren’t disappointed, the Calife is smaller and more intimate than some of its counterparts, but the old world feel of the boat was charming, felt very French and lighting was very romantic. The food and wine was delicious, only enhanced with each passing view, the climax of course being the Eiffel Tower that sparkled like an enchanted Christmas tree. It is something I’ll never forget and it made me realise that sometimes it’s ok to just “chill” (as my children say) and do something touristy.

There are many Paris dinner cruise lines, for example the larger more modern boats of Bateaux Parisiens, both cruise lines can be pre-booked online or through your travel agent or maybe like us you will discover yours on an early morning walk.



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