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Our travel journeys have taken to us to many counties and cultures, and we are constantly trying to pack just the correct travel items to make travelling the world easier without adding too much weight.

As a husband and wife team with slightly different needs our travel packing accessories vary. Men and women tend to require different items so we are always looking for items that suit both our needs.

Going Places Travel

Our Best Travel Accessories include:

Weather proof and warm coats.

Lightweight Walking Shoes.

First Aid Kit.

Lightweight Torch.

All purpose tool with openers.

Universal Power Plugs and Adapters.

Computer /Phone cables.

Space Saver Bags. (Great for compressing clothing)

Noise Cancelling Headphones. (A must have for log haul flights)

Portable data storage device.

Bluetooth Speaker and Headphones.

Below are products we reviewed and now use as part of our travel kit.

One item that we find invaluable are the space saver travel bags which compress once the air is removed. These handy plastic bags come in different shapes and sizes and are one of the best investments we have come across as they allow you to fit much more clothing into your suitcase. They can sometimes be a little hard to find but are well worth buying. One thing to remember with these bags however is that not all space saver bags are of the same quality and we wouldn’t recommend purchasing on price alone as the cheaper ones don’t last as long as the good quality ones. Regardless of which ones you get unfortunately with reuse they will all eventually wear out.

We have prepared a comparison of the Space Saver Travel Bags that we researched and/or use to help you find the best one for your travel needs. To sort the table click on whatever criteria is most important to you.

Space Saver Bags Comparison Chart

Going Places Travel Technology Tips:

As it is important when we travel the world that we keep in contact with our loved ones. We make room for what we consider essential electronics. This includes computers and smart-phones. We are both computer literate and rely on computer and internet connection for working online, so the choice of Laptop needs to fit both of our requirements.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

With limited space it needs to be of lightweight design. Of course everyone has their own preference when it comes to computers but our preference is a device which doubles as both a tablet and full computer. We chose the Microsoft Surface Pro as it is small enough to easily fit into carry on, has a detachable keyboard, and a long battery life.

We have been travelling for two years and we feel confident that we made the right choice with this laptop as it has never let us down. Before we purchased the laptop we researched different makes and models and the Surface Pro ticked all the boxes so we feel confident that we made the right choice for our needs.

Travel now with all the technology available is a far cry from when we first started travelling many years ago, and no matter where you are in the world as long as you have an Internet connection you can always be contactable. Researching, reviewing, and booking accommodation, is so much easier via the Internet and there is a wide variety of Smart Phone Apps available that makes planning and booking during your trip a breeze.

One piece of advice I can give is to make sure you keep a copy of personal documentation. Rather can carry bulk paper documentation just take a photo of the documents including your passports, and store them on one of the many Internet cloud storage services such as iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.

You never know when you may need access to these documents. There is nothing worse than arriving in a strange country waiting for your bags with all your personal documents and discovering that they are on a different flight. Some countries also require you carry your passport with you at all times. If your not comfortable doing that it’s a good idea to take a copy on your phone so if in the unlikely event that your asked to produce it you can show a picture of the passport on your phone.

Flying and Noise Cancelling Headphones – One investment you will won’t regret.

When flying one of the best investments we have made is purchasing noise cancelling headphones. I wonder now how I survived without them. These headphones mask the sound of the plane engines and significantly reduce outside noise. Once you try them you will be hooked. It’s surprising just how much noise planes make and that humming sound makes it difficult to sleep especially on long haul flights.

There are many noise cancelling available and I am sure they all have their own unique merits. It’s really a matter of personal choice but we have a set of the Bose QuietComfort Headphones and we can personally attest that they make the difference between a peaceful sleep on a plane or a night tossing and turning listening to the hum of the plane engines.

We tried many of the noise cancelling headphones currently on the market before making our choice, and to assist you have put together a comparison chart with our top recommendations available from Amazon. Click on whatever criteria is most important to you to sort the table.

Noise Cancelling Headphone Comparison Chart

As time goes on and we travel more I am sure we will come across other must have travel accessories to make our journey easier.

Whether your travelling locally internationally, travel accessories are essential to make that trip more pleasurable, and the last thing anyone wants is to lug around heavy suitcases full of unnecessary items. We were once one of those people you see at airports struggling with large suitcases full of what we thought were essential travel items but were in actual fact bags full of items we did not use.

We would take annual vacations to far flung destinations for short periods of a few weeks so travelling light was not such a necessity. For our latest trip we packed our household items into storage, rented our home, and took off to travel the world with a one-way ticket, and have been on the road now for just on two years with no set plans to return home any time soon. Click here to see our travel tales for some of the places visited so far.

Luggage Tips:

Lightweight luggage: This is an absolute must. I can’t stress this enough as many places especially in Europe do not have lifts so if you don’t want to be wrestling with large suitcases up five flights of stairs, (as we have done in the past) it’s wise to steer clear of those oversized suitcases. Sure you can fit in more but your back will thank you in the long run. We chose one mid-size suitcase and one carry-on bag each.

Travelling with a Backpack

Many people we have met during our travels swear by backpacks which is also an excellent choice.  Sometimes if we are staying in a set location for a long period of time we will rent an apartment and do short trips which gives us the option of having a location to store some of our larger items, and during these trips we often take backpacks. Recently when researching backpacks with detachable daypacks we came across the Caribee Fast Track which looks a great choice for us in the future. As well as being lightweight and strong it has the added benefit of the detachable daypack. We particularly like the hip and lumbar support so will be trialling this backpack on upcoming travels. You can read more about this backpack and others at Bags to Go.


I have listed a few items here that I know work well and have helped make our trips a rewarding experience and would recommend them to anyone.

If you like my suggestions of essential travel items or have any of your own, please leave a comment as we are always interested in hearing from other travellers and believe that the best way to learn is to share experiences.

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